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Snow falling coast-to-coast in Canada, it's time to warm up inside Santa's workshop - and see how Allison Crowe's Musical Advent Calendar comes together. Next year, everyone can be doing this!

For example, to create the antique angel icon start with a scan of a vintage postcard from The Graphics Fairy, a great resource for DIYers and Crafters - http://thegraphicsfairy.com

Antique Angel @ The Graphics Fairy- Alison Crowe's Musical Advent Calendar

Next, crop the image into a circle shape using Lunapic - http://www194.lunapic.com/editor - add a dash of colour, if you choose. Figure out the date for your selection and add the number. Then, let it be alt

Allison Crowe's Musical Advent Calendar - Let It Be - Antique Angel

Each day through Christmas a new link will open on Allison's Musical Advent Calendar @ http://allisoncrowe.com/MusicalAdventCalendar2016.html


Posted Dec 06, 2016 at 12:18am