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Genres: Screamo / Post Hardcore / Rock

Location: San Jose, CA

Stats: 981 fans / 97,522 plays / 42 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Woody/Steve/Robert/Nick/Kelsey/Justin

ALIV's EP is now available for purchase...it can be bought online at their website and at select HOT TOPIC's. If you are buying their cd and are not in the US please order it from smartpunk or interpunk

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A Life In Vain Bio:

Having formed in March of 2004, A Life In Vain has become one of the
Top bands in Northern California due to their anthemic songwriting, fierce
live shows and tireless work ethic. They continually strive to insert a
breath of fresh air into a music scene that is dominated by sound a like
hardcore and run of the mill screamo. They accomplish this endeavor by
bringing a fearless aesthetic to songwriting and exploring any idea that may
come to mind, caring little of what genre of influence it was taken from. It
is not uncommon for an average A Life In Vain song to encompass everything
from hardcore to metal to punk to indie in the span of three and a half
minutes. Lyrically, they also opt to not take the easy route of bellyaching
about girls and such, but instead take the more cerebral venture of
thoughtful, ambiguous, word collages that exude different meanings to
different people.

A large part of A Life In Vain's success is also due to the
fact that each person in the band brings their own unique style to their
instruments. Guitarist, Robert Boyle, is a long term metal head who makes it
evident in his fleet fingered leads and penchant for Iron Maiden-esque
guitar harmonies. Nick Vitols proves to be Robert's perfect foil in his
driving, punk inflected rhythm guitar that is deceptively complicated. He is
in actuality the bands backbone. Kelsey Mayer's is anything but your average
bass player. His bass lines are both melodic and rhythmically challenging,
giving each song an added depth of sophistication. Justin Estep(the bands
newest member) is, simply put, a machine. Rock solid, dependable, never
breaks down. The twin vocalists of Woody Harper and Steve Muscatell give A
Life In Vain a double barreled shotgun of fire and brimstone. Steve's
guttural screams perfectly compliment Woody's bed of nails singing and
apocalyptic lyrical take. They prove to be the ideal ring masters of the six
ring circus known as A Life In Vain.

A Life In Vain is a band that demands to be heard. It is obvious through
their words, their music, and the fact that they leave every inch of their
souls on stage just in case there is that one person in the audience that is
seeing them for the first time. They are the new breed, ladies and
gentlemen...no one is safe.


  • IkO said:
    It's fucking awesome! Come to Brazil plx *-* Where do I get the lyrics from "Erase Her" ? Keep rocking! Nov 19
  • mauriziox3 said:
    i want more song T3T Jan 21
  • Iamgraveyardx said:
    Come to Sweden! =D Nov 13
  • said:
    Add Comment here... Jul 07
  • said:
    Add Comment here... Jul 07
  • n0 t3 em0xioNeZ Mi3rDa said:
    la muerte sera mi unika salvacion por ahora.....el tiempo pasa y kondena....! Apr 11
  • xSoundCheck said:
    I can\'t believe you guys are breaking up. Last night was AMAZING. I hope you guys had fun. Oct 28
  • xScREaMOx47 said:
  • xScREaMOx47 said:
    you guys kick ass Oct 21
  • said:
    I love you boysss =]] I\'m gonna try to see ya guys this month! Oct 02
  • x__Rawrxx said:
    You guys are SOOOOOO good!!! and sooooo sexy Oct 01
  • lambchopputa said:
    the show on the 16th....where in san jo? Sep 13
  • undermyskins said:
    Add Comment here... Sep 07
  • brianspastries said:
    fuckin rad boys Aug 28
  • ::.savexYourself..:: said:
    sweet music you guys. keep it up. Aug 19

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