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  • psiphoniphone said:
    superb song i like it... Mar 14
  • Jay Olson said:
    Don't stop, I like what I hear. Apr 25
  • ‚Ě•Kabouaaa (: said:
    (((((((((((((((((: Apr 25
  • lauren xx said:
    you have been my role model since i started watching instant star & you have the most amazing voice (: Mar 02
  • Dailynn said:
    you inspire me May 25
  • Calamity xx said:
    i love the song skin i sing it to my dad you are such an inspiration Feb 24
  • RockObsesse said:
    you are one of the best singers i've ever heard in my life. i love watching you on instant star and your gorgeous! Feb 08
  • miichhellle :) said:
    instant star was my favorite show ever. i am so mad it isnt on anymorre. Oct 04
  • AngelaGrace said:
    You are the best...I love Instant Star too! Jul 03
  • jessica said:
    you have the prettiest voice ever! Jun 08
  • jessica said:
    i love your show! Jun 08
  • lexyy. said:
    i absolutly love the show.haha.its awesome. :DD Jun 04
  • lexyy. said:
    i absolutly love the show.haha.its awesome. :DD Jun 04
  • crandonveggie said:
    you are ahmazzzzzzinggggg..... your so pretty too! Feb 21
  • Musicallaroundme said:
    Oh My Gosh, I Love Your Voice! May 28
  • sundance18 said:
    i have gotta be the biggest instant star fan im totally in love with the show and tommys hott!! i lovfe your voice you are my role model fer sure its awesome to here you sing and skin is deffinently my fav out of them all god bless May 08
  • Sword In The Stone said:
    Hello!!! I love your music and Instant Star is GREAT!!!!!!! May 07