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Alex Seifert


Genres: Electronic / Industrial / Ambient

Location: Oldenburg, Germany

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Welcome to my site. I hope you enjoy the music here. Feel free to listen to it and download the tracks available for download. The others are available on the
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Alex Seifert

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Alex Seifert is your tour guide for the expansive world of great music. A mammoth fusion of electronic, classical, and industrial bloom into epic instrumental pieces that create entire universes in the span of their running times. Seifert has got his finger on the pulse of the cosmos and is transmitting it right to your ears.

Expansive Tastes

Part of the reason Seifert reaches far and wide for the styles he injects into his songwriting is that he wants to capture the full spectrum of music's emotional values. "I have different emotional reactions for different genres of music. Hard rock always makes me feel excited and always puts me in a great mood Techno, classical and most instrumental types of music are always inspiring to me. I always feel the need to work on more of my own music or to be creative." Seifert's tastes, as you can see, range far afield from one mere genre. It's this depth of songwriting that makes his music the startling and absorbing work that it is.

Music as Blood

With music pumping through your veins, you're going to have a very intimate relationship with it, which will enable you to write the highest quality of music (provided you've got songwriting talent). Seifert has the talent and the music indeed pumps throughout his body and soul. "I would say that overall, I always have a positive reaction to music. If I'm anywhere near my computer or iPod, I've got music playing. I get bored and find that whatever I'm doing is dull without music." Music is life itself to Seifert, the very stuff of existence. If you're not careful, you'll get addicted Seifert's music and it will be the stuff of the gods to you. It's goooood.

More Than Mere Fun

While Seifert won't deny the sheer fun aspect of music, he believes that there is a deep-down in music, a place that goes beyond oh-this-is-groovy. It speaks to the depths of our minds as we listen. "Music is a puzzle for the mind to keep the subconscious entertained by trying to decode it." Music feeds the brain and heart from top to bottom. Good music, anyway, and Seifert's music qualifies not only as good, but as great. It's just a matter of time before the discovery of his craft lights the music industry on fire.


Seifert on songwriting: "When I start a song, most of the time I have a general idea of what I want it to sound like. I begin by messing around with (my programs) until I come up with something I like. Then I add another instrument most of the time and while continually playing the last bit I made, I play with that instrument until it sounds like I want it to. I basically do this all the way through my songs." Drums and bass, both of which Seifert has been playing for quite a while, are also brought into the songwriting mix from time to time, mixing a little organic into the electronic.

"Whether I'm writing it, playing it or listening to it, music has a huge impact on my life. It's not only a form of expression for me, but it also challenges my creativity."


Would you like to hear more?

You can listen to every song ever made by Alex Seifert on his Last.fm website for free. You can find that here: http://www.last.fm/music/Alex+Seifert. You will find the songs under the Albums tab. Then just click on an album, and choose your song!


For a full discography, please see my own little section of the MusicBrainz website found here: MusicBrainz.org.




  • kelseylouisegaud! said:
    neat tunes Jul 06
  • SARAH lol said:
    shit son. You\'re truly amazing. No joke. =] Keep up the good work. Jun 07
  • said:
    Doodz. i used to live in Castle rock. ha May 16
  • Crashguy said:
    impressive May 02
  • wck said:
    you rock hard dude. Apr 11
  • davetopper said:
    I\'d like to add your stuff into my stream \"the drive\". Think maybe with electronica I can make \"NiGhT DRiVE\" expand the horizons, as if I don\'t have an listeners but your stuff is GREAT! Apr 01
  • The_Hatebreeder said:
    awesome Mar 29
  • daftpunkrocker1900 said:
    YOU= MAD BEATS great work man... stellar music is all i have to say... stellar pretty much sums up your music. Also, I was just wondering if you could tell me what kind of equipment you use. I\'ve been trying to find some good recording and synth equipment but I dont knwo what to look for. If you could help me out that\'d be really cool. Thanks Mar 22
  • xxellebeexx said:
    kick ass music luffs Mar 21
  • THaynie said:
    hey i llike your stuff. i live i castel rock to do you do any locle show? i now a guy that if you give me your a demo CD i could give to him and he could take a look and if he like it he could put this stuff in some clubs in co and i could be on the radio chanel area 93.3\'s eleven program. but no promies. Mar 13
  • lackdaddy said:
    Alex, I used Pigsmasher on YouTube. Check it out, it works good. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wt41mD3tSug Feb 01
  • BananaJam said:
    weird..i like it. Dec 27
  • justmebaker said:
    i like it but need to know if u got some faster beats Dec 02
  • denvermaxxx said:
    you look kindanerdy. Nov 15
  • SimplyIntricate said:
    Good stuff! Sep 27

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