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Alex Kaneko and Will Sturgeon


Genres: Acoustic / Pop

Location: Meiners Oaks, CA

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4 tracks

Members: Alex Kaneko, Will Sturgeon

These are a few tracks from our CD, The Thacher EP. All songs were written and produced by us. Thanks.

-Will (from dublinStu) and Alex

Alex's purevolume.
Will's Myspace.
Will's Purevolume.

Also, here is a performance of "A Comedy," LIVE, on top of Mt. Fuji, actually.

YouTube Channel!
Click here for sweet vids yo.



  • ieatbreakfast said:
    Hello there =] Apr 22
  • Molly Brin said:
    I couldn't believe it when I saw your names on this site, I've seen like all of your youtube videos =)and quite honestly 20 heartbeats makes my heart melt Nov 12
  • morgan said:
    Wheres your dashboard remixxx? :( Oct 14
  • Egypt said:
    You're in my blog. Keep it up. :]] Oct 31
  • Colbie said:
    You both are really good you should go over songs that alex has on his page like live away and wings but incoporate Will this time. Keep it up! Oct 24
  • Kanoo said:
    I love the musics! Really captivating =] Aug 19
  • blackasmidnight said:
    you guys are amazing, alex i love your voice. your videos are fun to watch and make me laugh. they've also put me in a better mood when i found them on a day i wasn't feeling good. keep doing what you guys do! love alex lol Jun 19
  • xXchrisg6721Xx said:
    You guys are really good. keep up the good work. May 11
  • jessicabassett said:
    You guys are soo great..i love your voices and your guitar playing. you guys are great. -Jessica Mar 29
  • sarahyangg said:
    you guys are so talented i hope you get signed real soonn are you guys gonna go to college this fall? Mar 27
  • {**poni**} said:
    u guys should totally put 20 Heartbeats on here. i heart it. it's like an ah-sumly amazaling song no joke. anyway cool songs. o and will the instrument u play in 20 heartbeats is totally ah-sum lol. i luv that thing Mar 25
  • cait-a-lain said:
    I agree with Meeser, that's for sure. I love Twenty Heartbeats. Alex, your voice is just plain amazing, and must make any girls heart flutter. But other than that.... I got this link of youtube, so now I have an account, and am currently working on making it from 'listener' to 'artist'. ....while trying to find that link for quizilla that I've been promising you guys. I'm sorry, I just have too many people as friends on there. Hope you guys are doing awesome! Mar 10
  • Caroline said:
    I heard Twenty Heartbeats on youtube today. Will can play a mean melodica and Alex has such a strong yet delicate voice. The lyrics...they are the best I've heard in a long time from an up-and-coming independent artist. They're unique in the subtlest way like a great song should be. It was the kind of song that I'll never get tired of, overplaying it on my ipod (cause I made a recording...). The kind of song that makes a really depressed girl like me...feel like singing for a moment albeit with melancholic clarity. Thank you, that song was the highlight of my day. Mar 06
  • Melissaaa said:
    you guys make my day. all your songs just put a smile on my face. they are really amazing . you should get a downloadable copy of Twenty Heartbeats i saw it on youtube and it was amazing . Feb 23
  • Jacquilyn said:
    accidentally found your page last night. Just want to say good luck with everything! and...you made my day, thanks n.n Feb 09

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