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Alexandre Perron

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Genres: Rock / Pop / Alternative

Location: Quebec, QC

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I'm a singer/songwriter, comedian, story-teller, artist; I also make a mean carrot cake! I only feel truly useful when I'm creating (too deep, but it's true).

People interested in the long story can just scroll down lower, the short version is, I love to make music, I love telling stories through my lyrics, I love making up characters in songs. I like to use a wide array of inspirations and stitch them all together to create an unusual and interesting quilt. I do it for the Art!

I've done about half a dozen showcase shows with the music school I go to (crowd of about 200 people), and I can't wait to do more, a show all my own. I'm currently looking for musicians!

Ok, here's the long story.
As a child I, incredibly enough, wasn't all that interested in music. My interest was born when I first saw a Barbra Streisand concert (I know, cheese!). Somehow she felt familiar to me. Now of course it's Barbra Streisand, so I must've had heard of her before, or heard some of her songs, but still, I was strangely hypnotised by that woman. In the months following that life changing night, I started listening to her music. I guess that's where my philosophy of "a song is a story" came; she is very fond of show tunes. She's the one who made me want to sing.

So that lasted a few years, until, desperately looking for a way to stop sounding ridiculous when my friends asked me "What kind of music do you listen to", I started flirting with punk-rock. I know, a big step from Barbra! Fall Out Boy was really big at that time, so was Panic! At the Disco, but it wasn't until I saw William Beckett of The Academy Is... that I knew I had found a home. See, I too was a very tall and very skinny guy (still am), and as any normal teenager, was struggling with body "issues" and looking for an identity. I wasn't cool enough to be cool, wasn't nerdy enough to be a nerd, surely wasn't buff enough to be a jock, and I had this weird artistic calling. Somehow, skinny jeans made perfect sense to me!

Ok, this is turning out to be one long story... Next up, we have the Divine! No, I did not find God during a backpacking trip through the forest. I did, however, find a Bette Midler concert on YouTube, and boy was it fun! It combined everything I loved. She told jokes, sang rock songs, show tunes, great ballads, played characters, it was perfect! And on that day, I knew I wanted to get up on a stage and perform.

Finally, the last piece of the puzzle, the Gold Dust Woman herself. I had heard a few times of Stevie Nicks, mostly on these TV countdowns "Greatest female rockers" or "Greatest female artists of the 80's", but it wasn't until I found a clip of her singing her song "Beauty and the Beast" that I realised what a genius that woman is. Her lyrics, her voice, I simply fell in love. Her artistry inspired me, and made me want to write songs too.

So that's the long story of how I ended up here, I hope you liked it. Now if I haven't bored your ass off, I would appreciate it if you could listen to my songs!

- - - - - -
Fallen Soldiers is the result of 2 years of discovery in an environment that became more and more suffocating as time went on. A record filled with emotions as various as feeling lost, longing for someone, full-on hate, mockery, love, it is a diverse as it's inspiration.
Everything from Stevie Nicks to Fall Out Boy, from The Pretenders to Barbra Streisand, from The Academy Is... to Cobra Starship, and even some Bette Midler (the only one more divine!) can be found of this record, and even more.
Conceptually divided between three different personnalities, Fallen Soldiers offers a journey through life that is far from boring.


  • ♥Naomi♥ said:
    i liked fallen soldier and the songs too but i think you should work on your vocals. i think you could sing better with some vocal exercises or something. keep it up music is great! Aug 30

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