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Be Professional During Your Job Search

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College students and recent graduates searching for their first real job like a professional often do not understand that potential employers judge them along many different criteria. In particular, they look at the way the candidate comports her or himself. This is important since they're looking for somebody that is professional, mature and trustworthy. They also look for somebody that will represent the employer well in front of customers and clients. So keep the following in your mind.


Manners count. Which means that you don't simply neglect to show up for that interview. Every now and then first-time job seekers simply stop likely to interviews after they get an offer that like. The problem is that they don't even bother to let the folks with whom they're still scheduled to interview. Talk about bad manners! In a similar vein, when they do visit the interview they often arrive late without calling in advance to allow the interviewer know and appearance whether he or she may need to reschedule.

What both of these behaviors have in common is they show a lack of consideration and respect for that body else. Often interviewers arrange their schedule to make time to talk with you and might make valuable utilization of that point when they were informed beforehand you could not allow it to be. This can be a matter of basic etiquette and displaying deficiencies in etiquette enables you to memorable for the wrong reason. Plus, since people in exactly the same industry or field often talk with each other this isn't an impression you need to leave with a potential employer.

Still, in keeping with the theme from the need for manners make sure to be in your best behavior with everyone linked to the potential employer. This includes receptionists, assistants and secretaries, and other people who may play a part in arranging for or facilitating your interview. In fact, be on your very best behaviour the 2nd you leave the house for the interview. Who knows when the person you cut off in the parking area or the person to whom you fail to hold the elevator door might have the ear from the employer.

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Also, ensure that you dress appropriately for the interview. Whilst not every meeting mandates that you wear a business suit or perhaps a jacket you need to air along the side of dressing rather than dressing down. Be sure you understand what the norms are for that type of position and for the employer with which team you are utilising. Even your hairstyle, along with any piercings or tattoos you might have gotten convinced that they were fun and showed your individuality, might be considered inappropriate by a potential employer. Again, the bottom line is to check on what the norm is to make sure you are not going outside it.

Lastly, be mindful that you're an invited guest at their workplace. Take care not to seem as if you don't respect their space. Particularly, this means avoiding certain behaviors as soon as you walk into the employer's place of business towards the moment you leave. This means shutting off your cell phones. It means not making or taking any calls. This means not checking your e-mail. This means not using social media. This means that if you bring a mobile device you don't search on the internet unless it is to do research about a topic for school or about the employer. And lastly, this means when you must do some research while you are there, you have a note pad out to be able to be taking notes when you are using the device. It is then clear that you're not just onto it surfing the net or participating in some form of social media.

While they are all basic rules and cannot need to be mentioned it's surprising how many first-time job seekers neglect to observe them. So keep these rules in mind when you go for the interview and just go get that job!

Posted May 25, 2012 at 1:12pm