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Affordable Cross Country Movers - Essential Ideas to Cut Down Moving Expenses

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Affordable moving could be a very stressful time in your lifetime. You'll especially believe stress in the bank. Nevertheless, there are many methods to cut costs even if you are likely to hire an affordable moving company.

Reducing your supplies is the best method for saving money. Packing things securely is an essential aspect of moving. If you believe that you need to spend lots of money to protect your possessions, keep on reading.

It is important for you will be to get enough boxes. You have to carefully pack up all your favorite personal things like photographs and souvenirs to ensure that nothing gets broken. Movers will gladly offer you special boxes, but, naturally, in a hefty price! For those who have friends which have recently moved, ask if you are able to take their excess boxes off their hands.

Furthermore, you are able to call around to warehouse stores along with other stores to find out when they will allow you to take some of their boxes. Most supermarkets will set aside boxes you need that you should pick them up at a certain time, usually between 10PM and midnight once the stocking is performed.

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You may get large boxes from warehouse or appliance stores. Such boxes are usually sturdy and well-made, causing them to be ideal for electronic items. For those who have posters, artwork, or any other important documents, consider obtaining cardboard mailing tubes from lawyers or construction companies.

Most movers use bubble wrap to protect fragile items, in addition to those inflated plastic bags to cushion larger items. Though these materials are perfect to avoid breakage, they are rather expensive. You may use newspaper instead: if you achieve a regular paper you'll quickly accumulate enough to move two households! Otherwise, ask friends for their old newspapers or call an office building that receives a daily paper. Most of your neighbors and local businessmen will gladly let you get their old papers!

Knowing that the are moving in advance, you are able to ask your family and friends to save any packing materials they could easily get.


You can use your household sheets to wrap your fragile items and cover the furniture. If your bed coverings are too delicate, visit a local thrift store. There you will get comforters and quilts for any song, a number of them for that price you'd pay to rent only one cushioned furniture wrap from a moving company!

Some moving companies will offer you a price reduction should you accept let them store your items for a short period of time so they combine several loads being delivered in your area. If you don't need your things immediately, consider this option.

Finally, lookup moving company reviews in consumer publications and on the Internet. There you might find some tips on saving cash and negotiating rates.

Posted Jul 03, 2012 at 5:55am