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  • Natalia Gorosito said:
    LA AMO!!! Apr 21
  • Hitori said:
    I do love this woman too, she sings so well ! Apr 17
  • Sergio Curry said:
    Awesome Apr 14
  • MacGarnett said:
    rocking May 13
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  • Josh said:
    Amazing tracks ! :1) Jan 03
  • kekien8 said:
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  • Evair said:
    she's beautiful Feb 26
  • Ana Lucia C. said:
    ♥ :) Dec 16
  • Matt Beer said:
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  • Ally~ said:
    wheres Ironic? May 06
  • Tyler Regnart said:
    Give this a listen www.purevolume.com/AwkwardLastWords92561 Feb 14
  • This Trusty Fiend said:
    You are and always were amazing.. Jan 18
  • Charlotte said:
    beautiful music Apr 28
  • eruhnmccoyissofly said:
    Hows it going? Apr 22
  • Dita said:
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  • Xx_Juggalo_Babe_XD_xX said:
    YEW R AMAZING!!! not many people i know have even heard uff yew... except mi family lol.. Jan 09
  • imaginecupus said:
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  • Cherise said:
    You're amazing. Aug 29