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Genres: Experimental / Christian / Post Hardcore

Location: Pilot Mnt, NC

Stats: 6,971 fans / 581,829 plays / 111 plays today





9 tracks

Members: Matt, Zach, Cory, Joey, Tyler

With their colliding musical stylings, and experimental vocals, AKISSFORJERSEY doesn't seek to stand out of the crowd; they tower above it. In the same vain as such progressive artists as THE MARS VOLTA, AKISSFORJERSEY pulls two completely different aspects of music together to make one complete genre of its own. The band's music lulls the listener into a carefree utopia one moment only to pull them to the ground with the brutal screams perfectly injected into their melodious songs. Since their formation in July 2004, the band has taken North Carolina by storm, leaving only dust in the wind, while stepping to the forefront of the highly popular Christian-Hardcore scene. Keep Your Head Above Water, the debut full length from AKISFORJERSEY proves that the band never disappoints. With crunching breakdowns, accompanied by the voices of angels singing, the definitive Experimental Christian-Hardcore record of the year is here. One of the main focuses for akissforjersey is to be able to share their faith in Jesus Christ and his love and forgiveness. The band has certainly held strong to their faith thus far in their musical journey and it doesn't look like it's slowing down anytime soon.

Following up their previous independent release Keep Your Head Above the Water, AKISSFORJERSEY brings about VICTIMS. An album that will not hold back. The definitive experimental Christian Rock record of the year is here.

VICTIMS will be release MAY 6 via Tragic Hero Records


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  • AxL said:
    :))) Apr 15
  • i need some new friends on here. add me and talk? said:
    wow i forgot how much i like you guys music Mar 23
  • Rogéria Lara said:
    Very good band, I'm rocker and like so much your style. Muito boa a banda, Sou rockeira e amei o estilo. Oct 09
  • Chad Nunnally said:
    hey guys please check out my band Something More and like us on Facebook! you won't regret it i promise! http://www.purevolume.com/SomethingMoreband http://www.facebook.com/somethingmoreband Aug 07
  • Bastian's said:
    Vixe Banda Massa Pra Caralho Curti Muito É Nois Aki Do Brazil xD Jul 07
  • ADADA said:
    pretty awesome tracks:) Apr 21
  • cole said:
    Apr 11
  • XxAshtonAssassinxX In Spite of Destruction. said:
    i love you guys, keep on giving spiritual encouragement... your song you carried me while we burried you made me cry x) keep spreading the good news of CHrist, Jesus loves you and ya got my support :D Mar 31
  • xXBigHippiePatxX said:
    Jan why don't you get off this page then. Seriously? You guys are a great band and it's good that we have another awesome Christian Hardcore message to pass on the message of Jesus Christ. Mar 19
  • Jan said:
    ok so i cant download any of ur crappy music. good! Mar 14
  • Kevin said:
    awesome songs :D Sep 26
  • JoeyGore said:
    Sep 02
  • @teteiayh said:
    You guys are so amazing. Love all your musics! ♥ Jul 23
  • Metalcore"Prime" said:
    All to awe inspiring music to the fullest amount of all things radical beyond belief BATMAN!!! You guys are sick. : ) Just listened to the album "Keep your head above the water". SICK!! : ) Jul 18

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