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A Kidnap in Color

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Genres: Pop / Rock

Location: Chicago, IL

Stats: 3,291 fans / 133,660 plays / 28 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Davey - Vocals | Dan - Guitar |
Peter - Bass | Whitey - Drums |

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A Kidnap In Color is a breath of fresh air in an otherwise stagnant scene. The band's seven song EP, The Rumours Are Flying, is brimming with charismatic lyrics coupled with a sexy motif, backed by compelling guitar riffs, driving bass lines, and a dynamic array of infectious dance-laden beats. Top it off with a variety of catchy hooks, and Rumours is guaranteed to have you singing for hours after listening. And A Kidnap In Color can deliver what it promises: the live show is both energetic and robust and will have even the most reserved listener moving with the music. Indeed, A Kidnap In Color is the complete package- energy, looks, dedication, and, most importantly, a unique sound among a million bland ones- and promises to have people talking. For a band this good, the only way from here is up.


  • Teriyakhi said:
    CUTE :D Sep 27
  • Lauren said:
    how are you guys so awesome? Mar 05
  • Sara Tradardi said:
    I love your music (: Jan 10
  • nisjoen said:
    i wanna ask you , where can i download "leave the light on" for free ?? thankssssss Jul 17
  • Nicolette said:
    I love your music, it's amazing Jul 16
  • rachel thompson said:
    Go check out this sick fresh new Chicago band www.purevolume.com/staygolden and scope out the 90 second preview of the upcoming EP titled: "Three Day Weekend." Make sure to become a fan so you can get the inside scoop on tours, news and FREE STUFF! Jun 26
  • eruhnmccoyissofly said:
    heyy :) how are you? Apr 22
  • BiteMe. said:
    ahh fookin hell you guys were 'built for this' music thing ;) love you's mega amounts. Mar 07
  • Logan said:
    love the music!!! plz come to iowa! Feb 26
  • Brady said:
    I saw u a hometown throwdown and u guys were a standout band in a night of great bands. Feb 22
  • hat man said:
    DOWNLOAD. http://www.purevolume.com/goodnightlights Jan 10
  • CandyGirl92 said:
    Loving the music guys! :) Jan 06
  • Winna said:
    hey, what happened? why did you kick him out? Dec 15
  • T@R@S!3W!CZ said:
    new songs is TIGHTTTTTT Nov 07
  • Kati said:
    i love you guys=] Oct 13

The Rumours Are Flying

Apr 22, 2008


No release date


Dialville, TX


United States



kelsielovesyouu (:

United States

Nicole Estelle

Knights Ferry, CA


Paddock Lake, WI

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