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Air Show Disaster

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Genres: Post Hardcore / Alternative / Punk

Location: San Francisco, CA

Stats: 896 fans / 112,353 plays / 54 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Jon-vocals/guitar, Aaron-guitar/vocals, Jay-bass/vocals, Ian-drums


Exploding into the music scene with so much mad explosive-ness ASD quickly gained millions of fans!!! The buzz travelled quickly, spreading the word of such madness!! Many have been quoted as saying "this band saved my life" and "wow... just wow"! Now at the peak of what could only be described as a peak that would only grow with time... ASD has done their biggest event yet!!! What kind of move could create such a buzz, such controversy... and so many women getting ASD tattoos? The secret is... ASD took those fragile pieces of art they created with ordinary instruments... and laid them down onto recording tape in the recording lab... forever capturing the beauty which should not be allowed to last forever... but was!!! Thanks the heavens or just thank ASD. Expect ASD to explode all over you very soon with their massive hardcore hardness!!!



  • Timmy Dunn said:
    Nice Song Aug 05
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  • allicat94 said:
    Hey How are you? Apr 22
  • sunny said:
    magical music ! Jun 27
  • Jordan said:
    totally down with what u guys are doin. def keep it up. Apr 06
  • @Sam said:
    Shimmer is fantastic!! Amazing! Mar 29
  • crazy_squirrel53 said:
    hey, great new song! Feb 10
  • Finch said:
    I seriously love your stuff. I found you a few months ago and I havn't been able to stop listening. Come to Chicago some time and play because I'll definetely be there! ~Finch Mar 26
  • punkmosherrocker09 said:
    HEY!! wat up luv yor music!! Keep Jammin!! haha! :D Feb 06
  • Alex said:
    earthbound is seriously awesome! Jan 25
  • said:
    dude u guys are awesome coem to new york to play that show i woudl go to Jan 19
  • Felipe Garcia said:
    hey guys..great songs ! just keep up the awesome work ! here\'s one more fan from brasil ! Jan 15
  • ffadedaway said:
    great music guys, keep it up Jan 13


Jan 30, 2008


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Air Show Disaster

No release date


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