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Should Air Duct Cleaning Be achieved Every Year?

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Even though there is no clear cut scientific evidence your home will be healthier if you regularly clean your ductwork on an annual basis, there is lots of anecdotal evidence that it is a good idea. Common sense dictates when you have dust allergies, regularly cleansing the dust out of your vents and air ducts will cut down on the number of days that allergies provide you with down. And, if that isn't enough, there's solid information that clean ducts significantly reduce the efficiency of your heating and cooling equipment, which brings along the cost of keeping your home comfortable within the hot summers and cold winters.

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Air duct cleaning takes special equipment and it is best left to experts in the work. Done properly, a whole cleaning goes over every component part in the system that air moves over or through, besides the air ducts. That includes cleaning the coils and heating and cooling system complete. To make it happen right, the process requires a few hours to complete.

It is not always necessary to clean the ducts annually. However, you are more prone to need it done at least one time per year if you smoke inside your home, have pets, recently completed a dust stirring renovation, or if perhaps the weather conditions in your town make it necessary. A contractor should give you a free consultation, or only charge a small amount, to let you know in case your home air ducts require a cleaning.

In the winter months, it is especially important that the air duct cleaning be done, since heated the dust and dirt gives of an acrid odor and exacerbates allergies. In some instances, when the air ducts are cracked, it may be necessary to seal them on keep the problem under better control. After the ducts have been cleaned, you should swap out the filters frequently to keep them from getting dirty again.

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Additionally, if you plan on putting your house on the market, getting your air ducts cleaned will eliminate an amazing number of odors to make your home more inviting to future buyers. This is particularly important in the kitchen area and if you have ever smoked inside of your home. Air ducts are similar to the lungs of your house: The cleaner they are, the harder efficient your home is going to be.


Posted Nov 09, 2015 at 5:14am