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Genres: Alternative / Rock / Punk

Location: Quezon City, Philippines

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Members: Jason. Neil. Junior. Pabs. Kenneth

What started as a high school band that just wanted to play for their schools annuals is now making waves in todays rock scene.

Enter AiO, a Quezon City based band that solidifies the very nature of alternative and punk genres. Although the band had numerous member changes and inexplicable experiences, the band still managed to spread their love for music in different bars and places in Metro Manila. But they didnt just stick around the metros gig spots though, as they are the overall winner in the only battle of the bands that they participated in a particular event in Pampanga. This episode marked the beginning of the recording of their current EP album titled Traitor Treat. The recording of the five-track EP coagulated their lineup to what we know today: Jason on vocals, Neil and Junior on lead and rhythm guitars respectively, Pabs on bass and Kenneth on drums. Their first single Phases wowed the crowd with its capricious riffs and catchy drum beats and with the final track No served as the pinnacle of their release, it is only a matter of time before they will have enough material to release their very own album.

AiOs name was influenced by one of the satellites of planet Jupiter, the Io. This Galilean moon served as one of the most massive moons in all of the solar system, ready to revolt.. Time can only tell if AiO is geared up to start that revolution.

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Traitor Treat

Nov 10, 2007


Malolos City, Philippines

Anthony The Hardcore Drummer

Melbourne, Australia


United States

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