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the king of rapsoul

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Music is sublime; it touches one's heart and soul. It is the best therapy for releasing stress today and also one of the biggest income generating business. There are various kinds of music to appeal to every individual's taste. Babies stop crying on hearing music; even animals respond to music.

Let us understand in brief some different genres of music:

the king of rapsoul

Classical is considered as the highest type of music as it is the most complex of all and can't be learnt without correct training. Symphony and opera can be considered as sub classifications of this genre. Opera is really a drama which is fully sung.
Rock originated from the rock n roll era of the 1950's but is still popular.
Metal or "information music" originated following the World war ii.
Hip-hop has Bass because the main instrument
Wedding Ceremony may use classical or country melodies
Trance Music is known by its fast tempo and repeated beats on percussion
Jazz uses instruments like cornet, trumpet or violin. It is thought to have roots in the blues and almost always contain elements like blue notes and phrasing of melodies
Folk is traditional music. It reflects the likes, dislikes, wants and needs of the local people and also the amount of time in that they live. New bands owes its roots for this kind of music. This genre of music portrays struggle for survival as well as their culture of the people. A few of the songs of the famous singer Bob Dylan became anthems for the civil rights and anti war movements.
Techno is known as fusion. It's according to Black styles like funk, electro and electric jazz.
Gospel is religious style that is mostly sung in churches. It has beautiful lyrics and melodies.


Music of other countries is also popular like the Indian, Tango, Reggae, Mexican, Spanish, Irish, and Persian etc.

Posted Jun 08, 2012 at 6:17am