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A Hope For Home


Genres: Post Hardcore / Indie / Progressive

Location: Portland, OR

Stats: 321 fans / 16,773 plays / 18 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Nathan, Matt, Tanner, Eric, Daniel

our old bio was silly. i always feel really pretentious trying to write a new one because band bios are kind of like a glorified version of show and tell in which you brought yourself as the thing to show off. but then again, thats pretty melodramatic. so, to cut a long story short, we play music, and we are making a new album that you might love, or you might hate, but we definitely dont hate it. thank you for listening and supporting us in everything we've done and as we are about to release this new record, which will be out sometime next spring, 2010 on facedown records.


  • Caio Weber said:
    come to Brazil guys Apr 07
  • dominhate said:
    I was in love with the song Kyle for the longest time, and Absolution: Of Flight and Failure is absolutely amazing! Jul 13
  • Metalcore"Prime" said:
    Nice. :D Jun 28
  • Dylan said:
    whats up with the whats up? Apr 30
  • twio said:
    whats up whats up?? Apr 22
  • Nathaniel Vellacott said:
    no dylan i just ment the sound of emocore, not like lyrics or any other crap like that, just the sound. and i dont know why i put it up there twice... sorry! Feb 26
  • Jake Ciccotelli said:
    PLEASSSSSSSSSSSSSSEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Make Post Tenebras Lux downloadable!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's the best demo I've heard to date!!!! Please!!!! Nov 17
  • steve said:
    nice music.. i want more post hard core.. gud luck a hope for home.. -steve manila,philippines Jul 02
  • Dylannnnnnnn said:
    ok, this hopefully will never be tainted with a label as gay as emocore (unless you mean it in the sense that there is real emotion that goes into the making of their music, not just copy-and-paste scenecore). this is definition melodic hardcore/post-hardcore and they perform it beautifully. Jun 10
  • Nathaniel Vellacott said:
    love it id put you more as emocore!!! god bless! Jun 08
  • Nathaniel Vellacott said:
    great sound. id put you guys almost more as emocore. keep it up! god bless Jun 08
  • Raph's Ysmirnah - Jesus be Glorified said:
    Hey guys, what up? Hey check out my sound @ www.purevolume.com/ysmirnah , and lemme know if u like it or not ok? God bless ya'all Jan 26
    After trying your whole upcoming album (I had no clue it was on here until recently), I am without a doubt convinced that you guys are my favorite band (next to Underoath)! I'm hoping you get big success from that album when it's released because it's AMAZING! Oh, and I love the lyrics in most of the songs as well! Some of the best songwriting I've ever seen! (both lyrically and instrumentally, and in regards to both albums but ESPECIALLY The Everlasting Man) Jan 02
  • jennnaa said:
    ill be at the show the 24th for sure :) Dec 13
    As it says on my Purevolume page, Inquiry: An Offering is my current favorite song (which is something I had been undecided on prior). Honestly, that song is nothing short of a masterpiece. The guitar, keyboards/synth, drumming, and vocals on both levels are superb, and there's a nice balance of each. And, to top it off, the lyrics are very well made, very poetic, and so true. I honestly think that the song entails one of the many reasons religion's given such a bad name today. A very well thought out song and one that I'll probably NEVER get sick of. And all the other songs I've tried on your page (from both albums) I love as well, so keep up the great work. I look forward to your re-release of The Everlasting Man (please try and get it on iTunes)!!! =D Dec 07

The Everlasting Man

Jan 20, 2009

here, the end

Jul 06, 2007


No release date

Merry Christmas

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