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  • Ana Lucia C. said:
    Hello there, how's it going?? I would really appreciate if you check out my friend's music: http://www.purevolume.com/FakeObsession .. Aug 23
  • B-rad Heys said:
    why is their so many good bands in orlando? Apr 15
  • Nadia said:
    Went to see you guys last sat. Ur music is awesome i loved it!! Dec 14
  • Nicole(: said:
    sooo good!! I wanna hear more! (: Dec 04
  • Deadman_Living said:
    love your stuff! Oct 25
  • kathi Williams said:
    please tour florida!!!! I will come!!! Sep 03
  • kathi Williams said:
    Need to see you guys in a show soon!! Sep 01
  • kathi Williams said:
    Really love you guys!! Keep rockin! More shows PLEEZE!!!!!!!! Aug 25
  • Laura said:
    LOVE u guys!!!!! Jul 15
  • jules. said:
    I really love it. Jun 20
  • Geane said:
    *---* http://www.purevolume.com/safelove Jun 16
  • @Lysattack said:
    amazinggg < 3 Jun 03
  • John Barnes said:
    Great sound! you've got yourselves another fan! Apr 24
  • twio said:
    Whats up? Apr 22
  • akane said:
    Awesome(: Mar 01
  • lady mizty said:
    nice taste of music and hey listen my friend to SKYHAWK DRIVE! they are one of the best band I'v heard on purevolume! Skyhawk drive! Feb 23
  • lorken said:
    you guys make music Feb 20
  • ' michele. said:
    amazing ;) Feb 18
  • diana~ said:
    I love youuss! :D Feb 12
  • Mel said:
    I can't wait till May to move to Orlando =3 maybe we could meet, I'm looking forward to create a band as well xD Feb 06