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Genres: Rock / Punk

Location: USA

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Members: dave douglas

hey there people visiting my purevolume, thanks for stopping by. take a listen...at least for 20 seconds or so. if you hate it, that's fine...move along. tell your friends if you like it.

oh yeah...3 songs of mine will be featured on the Mono Vs Stereo compilation called MY OTHER BAND that releases June 27, 2006 along with songs from Matthew Thiessen and the Earthquakes, My Red Hot Nightmare, Royal Empire Music, and Tyler Burkum.

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  • autumcadence said:
    hheyy :) Apr 22
  • Keren [Uchi Hiroki] said:
    T.T daveee Nov 29
  • G Allen said:
    I have posted this on other sites about agnes, but I have to say it again. Dave I am so proud of you. I knew you when you just had a demo tape, that I think you recorded at home, of an agnes song. I haven't really kept in touch with you, but it is so amazing to hear that agnes is off the ground. It sounds amazing! Thanks for still making great music. G Allen Jun 01
  • Lee said:
    Hey Mr. Dave Douglas I'm gonna misss your awesome beats in Relient K. You're the best. May 11
  • none said:
    YO! sweet music. Its a lot better than the Five Score cd. no offense, but thats no the RK we all knew and loved. These 3 songs are awesome. You should get a full length soon. Id definately buy it and tell my friends. That kinda sucks you left RK. Oh well. Good luck on Agnes and Gypsy parade. Mar 04
  • xgrenvillex said:
    thank you dave dougles...its awsome. you (and god) were the whole reason i wanted to pick up drum stix in the first place. you are one of my main influences. Jan 23
  • said:
    your\'e amazing. Jun 06
  • Deutscher Glueksklee said:
    oh my goodness, please tell me you will be playing in Cleveland sometime soon! I am basically in love with RK and your own music is AMAZING, Dave! Jun 05
  • +...The-x-Flaw...+ said:
    Hey, i love your sounds :P. I don\'t have much more to say just telling you that I think your music is great and saying hi. Happy New Year. P.S: do you write all of your own songs? Jan 13
  • joel_blinked182times said:
    dude you cut your hair..this music rocks, hey dude whatever happened to brain pittman he was a rad bass player laters Nov 22
  • sunnyside__up said:
    this is amazing music =] keep it real.and god bless Oct 29
  • brain2you said:
    okay i got \"my other band\"heard your other song awesome...keep doin what you do Oct 07
  • edens.politic said:
    your eyes are amazing Sep 27
  • moondrop said:
    I heard The Brakes on Pandora one day&I was like, Okay, I\'ll go check Agnes out. And it\'s only a couple of weeks later that I was on Matthew Thiessen&The Earthquakes Purevolume&I read that it was your band and I was like Sep 05
  • RKFOBAAR said:
    hey there dave, i just have to say that i love relient k (youre my fave) i actually really want to play drums and its all because of you...now just to locate a drumset...love, Kristen Aug 17

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