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A Farewell To Silence


Genres: Hardcore / Metal / Alternative

Location: Caryville, WI

Stats: 55 fans / 2,100 plays / 6 plays today






Members: Bryant Whitcome (vocals), Adam Johnson (guitar), Dan Krizan (bass), Ryan Webert (drums), Ben Best (guitar)

We are 'A Farewell To Silence'. We're an alternative band from Eau Claire Wisconsin, that began writing music in September, 2005. The songs we have posted are not fully mastered, and were recorded very roughly. Go to www.myspace.com/afarewelltosilence for info on shows!


  • hockeydrummer0017 said:
    can\'t wait to see the dec. 8th concert. Hope you get a record deal. that\'d be pretty sweet. Nov 13
  • gartzke_goregasm said:
    whats up guys? Nov 09
  • gartzke_goregasm said:
    whats up guys? Nov 09
  • laceekayallen said:
    okay, i\'m pretty much obsessed with your music. :) Feb 28
  • laceekayallen said:
    okay um, you guys pretty much rock. i live in eau claire. we should all hang out sometime! if that was at all a possibility. woo. iloveyou guys :) Feb 28
  • cougarcheergirl said:
    woweee iluv ur music hey i added u on msn maybefatecanonlytakeyousofar@hotmail.com Jul 28
  • Taylor said:
    congrats. you peps are awesome! Jul 11
  • jessi said:
    Bryant-you have an amazing voice! Apr 23
  • jessi said:
    you guys are amazing. i dont know how many times i\'ve listened to your music since friday night. Apr 09
  • Imartori said:
    its pretty sweet the way that almost everyone of your pics features someone wearing a coheed and cambria shirt...or hoodie... fear the heed, yo. and rock on. Mar 15
  • Kaitlyn J. said:
    you guys are great! keep up the good work =] Feb 27
  • said:
    Any band that has guys wearing Cursive shirts is good on my book. Hoping to see you guys play soon. Aim: Indie Tear Feb 26
  • said:
    You guys planning any shows in the near future? Feb 02
  • belitajo said:
    i just wanted to tell you guys that i love you, and that your show on saturday night was amazing- and i love you. and i am pretty sure that you guys rock. peace out. Jan 30
  • overcast said:
    Awesome show. Jan 29


Feb 26, 2009

New (Unmastered)

Nov 30, 2006

**Winter Demo_'05 / '06**

No release date

Tim Marine

Omaha, NE

alyssa :]

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jordan slagle

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