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Genres: Acoustic / Progressive / Alternative

Location: Vacaville, CA

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4 tracks

Members: allan, roberto, jon, and norman.

sept 18, 2006 -

sept 17, 2006 - We managed to get some decent recordings from our last performance last friday, plus we also uploaded two versions of "dress in perfect fashions", one in acoustic and one recorded last friday in a "full band version". check them out!

sept 12, 2006 - Sorry we've been gone for a while, we've really been practicing and making a bunch of new stuff for you to listen to. Again, pardon the audio quality, it is getting better but it isn't the best.
btw, check out the songs, "directions", "love lost is love found", and "in the end, this is all we have left"! please let us know what you think.

sept 9, 2006 -

jan 24, 2006 - what's up, thanks for listening to our music, it really means a lot to us when you guys give us a chance to check out what we sound like. i just uploaded two tracks from a video recording demo we did last friday. the first track uploaded "why i can't explain" is an implementation of an idea jon had to break into a 3/4 time song for the band. there's a lot to work on in the song, but we hope it's already heading in the right direction. the second track, "lesbian" actually was jon's poetry project which was an ode to a famous lesbian author/writer. it's also one our first songs, goes back--like three years back.

again, it's not the best recording, it just shows you what we sound like.


jan 19, 2006 - just uploaded "red lotus", it's not our best recording--but it's enough to show you what it sounds like =)

a group of high school friends who have turned to music to express themselves.

allan - lead guitar, drums
roberto - bass, backup vocal
jon - lead vocal, rhythm guitar
norman - violin, guitar, backup vocal



  • ~*Secret Stars 3*~ said:
    yay for vacaville bands! I\'m from there! Mar 19
  • said:
    you guys sound amazing, and I really like the lyrics. Mar 10

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