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Genres: Christian / Rock / Alternative

Location: Onatario, CA

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4 tracks

Members: Jon, James, Brian, Caleb, Dave

Hello Everyone!
We've been back from tour for a while and have been writing a whole lot more stuff for ya.. please sit tight and dont you fret boys and females, we're in the proccess of moving into a house together then were going to record an album!! Were going to try and get that out to you before summer starts. God bless, thanks for your support :-)

ps. our new stuff is going to mop the floor with your faces


For those of you who do not know the love and salvation of our Lord Jesus Christ we (aembience) will boldly say that there is enough proof out there for anyone to believe, its all a matter of desire. Please, if you have any questions, doubts, and just dont believe what we have said, please ask anything you would like. Theres more proof out there that supports the Bible to be true and that Jesus is Lord and Savior that it will shock you. If you do not feel like asking us, please read the Bible and look for the answers to the questions you have. Look outside the Bible and you will find that no one has been able to deny its reliability. Test the Bible for its truthfulness (which other religions do not ask you to do). May God bless you



  • emome96 said:
    hey there Apr 22
  • Cesar:] said:
    hey yu guys rock keep the sweet music up Apr 08
  • Caleb said:
    SWEET!!! I love Huricano! I'm like, your number 1 fan! Aug 13
  • made_in_the_80s said:
    rad stuff there Aug 21
  • said:
    You guys really know how to rock! This music is great, you guys should be signed! Keep it real for Jesus. -Crewsader Jul 12
  • SillyCrazyMe16 said:
    Wow i totally love the song called Hurcano It is so awsome!!!!!!!!!! Your band like super rox Jul 01
  • give praise 2 god said:
    Your music sounds great!!! Keep on rocking! Jun 30
  • said:
    i love what u guys are doing, trying to spread the word of Jesus Christ Jun 22
  • said:
    You guys ROCK. You definitely have professional quality sound. I have Take Up Your Cross & In Your Image on my MP3. Keep rocking for Jesus! May 24
  • princesslinne said:
    Im from brasil!!! This band is hiper cool! =) nice to meet you!!! May 23
  • said:
    I truly love your music. & I\'m pretty sad to hear you guys are disbanding =/ May 20
  • adonijah said:
    Love ya guyz... your music helped me breathe... Apr 19
  • lovesentangel said:
    i\'m really impressed with you guys. not many people i know stand up for their faith like you guys do, and your music reflects your faith. keep up the great job guys :) Apr 18
  • rawrrXcore said:
    oh my gees. i hela saw you guys when you were in florence OR playing a show at the skatepark. you guys rock. i still have your CD and listen to it everyday. yeah boy. Apr 07
  • Save The Lost said:
    You guys are an awesome band! You guys have an awesome sound on your newer songs, but on the older ones it was a bit worse... But I can see why it would be like that, considering microphones weren\'t as good back then. Anyways, just keep doing what you\'re doing now, because it\'s awesome! Save The Lost Mar 25

Take Up Your Cross

Nov 30, 1999

Bleeding Heart

Nov 30, 1999

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Tucson, AZ

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