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Adrian Bax White


Genres: Pop / R&B / Rock

Location: France

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Members: Just me, myself & I

Adrian Bax White is a British Singer/Songwriter/Producer/Session Drummer/Pianist. He's worked with lots of famous musicians, and some of them haven't even fired him! These include fusion heavyweights Mahavishnu John McLaughlin and Lonnie Liston Smith, super-producer Narada Michael Walden, Ronnie Laws, Steve Martland, Fast Freddies Fingertips, Art Farmer, Digby Fairweather, Tony Hadley (Spandau Ballet), East 17, Blue Orchids, Shampoo, Snake Davis, Max Beesley, Matthew Seligman, Black Dyke Mills Brass Band, Rolf Harris, Renato "Saaave Your Love my Daaarling" Pagliari, John Phil Wayne, Sony, EMI, Virgin, Warner Bros, Acid Jazz, BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Sky, MTV, United Artists and too many others to mention. He was also signed to the top London session agency B&H Management. These were wonderful people to work for (except Ronnie Laws).

He got fed up with London, moved to France and did nothing which seemed like a great idea. Then he ran out of money. So he joined the Tony Evans Band, which was full-time house band for the SBM company in Monte Carlo, playing at the Sporting Club and the Casino.

He now does a bit of teaching in Monaco, a bit of freelance programming, mastering and mixing and the occasional gig.

Despite having been on stage with everyone from Rolf Harris to Arnold Schwarzenegger's mother-in-law, Eunice Kennedy Shriver, by far the achievement he's most proud of is simultaeneously saying "hi" to Nelson Mandela and Jon Bon Jovi.

His most endearing qualities are his incredible modesty and the fact that he never name drops...

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  • River said:
    Make a Duet with Justin Timberlake And T.I. =] Dec 13
  • Emily said:
    omg:'] i love it!:D Dec 07
  • L♥ve Sh♥cker said:
    Your music is great...you are great!!! I just love all the songs!! could u make "little corner of paradise" and "don't get mad" downloadable, pleease!!! :D Cheers! -Mariana- Jan 25
  • ale2006 said:
    You\'re amazing! Can you take \"The Kingfisher\" for download? I loved this music...! Thanks Jun 17
  • music is my second language said:
    you should make another album u rok Jun 08
  • Laurielooo said:
    woah! ur cool, well you would be if I could download some of ur mu-sac!!!! Mar 27
  • ale2006 said:
    Beautiful musics... Congratulations! Can you share the \"Alleluia of Downlais Top\" and \"Come Back\" for dowload? It\'s my favourites! =) See Ya! Mar 01


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