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Adi Rani


Genres: Acoustic / Pop / Soul

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Music & Lyrics by Adi Rani
Produced & Mastered by Adi Rani

Music & Lyrics by Adi Rani
Produced & Mastered by Adi Rani

Music & Lyrics by Adi Rani
Produced & Mastered by Adi Rani
Co-produced by Diana Latip
Rap written by Azeem

Music & Lyrics by Adi Rani
Produced & Mastered by Adi Rani
Recorded by Abang Ajis Morsidi for Raziqin Studio
Co-produced by Diana Latip
Sessionist: Hatta (Drums, Background vocals) Biboy (Bass) Adi (Guitar, Background vocals)

The Biography of Adi Rani

Adi is a singer/songwriter/producer from Tutong, Brunei. He used to be a band member of A.D.I.N.S and OnEders, both of which he was the lead singer. He was also in a group called S.4.U, a group of young hopefuls, inspired artists, put together by Warna Warni Productions and they were all featured artists who performed at various functions all over the country. Adi and his many bands never got around to releasing an album but that didnt make them unpopular in the local music scene. When the group went separate ways, Adi has since gone on his own way in approaching his music, solo.

Adi has always liked writing his own songs. When the bands and his boy band phase didnt take off, he still had his writing to fall back on. He has written so many songs alone. However, he has worked with many talented individuals with whom he collaborated in several of his tracks and the partnership proved to be fruitful. He took raw demos of his music and made people sit and listen. He was open to what an experienced ear had to say, not to find out what sells, but to improve himself. He was after all, a fresh kid, who didnt know anything about becoming a recording artist, just trying to break into the industry, to make his mark, armoured only with his talent and guitar. His second release, Pujaanku has seen to so many transformations over the years, and its present sound is the final product of hours well spent in a studio with one of Bruneis own local talents, Ak Yusri. He has also worked with the likes of Hans, Diana, Lo Ryder, Reza and DJ Felix. Whats imperative to this bio is the knowlegde that at the end of the day, despite all the successful collaborations, Adi always did it his way.

When asked to describe his style, Adi says I play mostly acoustic and soul music . His themes seem to fall into the universal pattern of love, lost-love, betrayal, forgiveness and hope, but all these are by no means ultimate. He is open to any music genre and he wishes to break into producing (not singing) Hip Hop records in the near future. He has many beats and loops he cant wait to sample. In fact, Kau Di Sisi, a song co-written by Adol, is a sweet relationship between Pop and Hip Hop, as it features Lo Ryder, who also wrote his own rapping piece.

Counting Jason Mraz, Third Eye Blind, Damien Rice and local artists such as Hans Anwar, Faiz Nawi, Ak. Yusri and Jenny & Paula Malai Ali, among his idols and inspirations, Adis first and major influence was in fact his eldest brother, Soffian, who gave him his first guitar lesson. Growing up in a distinctly musical household, Adi and his family formed a band called A.D.I.N.S. He was only 15 then but already his gift and potential in singing were apparent, and so they made him the front man.

Adis earliest memory of holding a guitar was when he was only 9 years old. Most kids at that age would consider the instrument as childs play but he was determined to learn to play from his brother, initially, and then later by himself. He taught himself everything he put his hands on. After the guitar, his next obsession was the computer. He then mastered Adobe Audition for producing music. He loved to play around with music and mix sounds together, still does. With every take, he tries to produce beats to write his songs to, or to be incorporated into his songs, whichever comes first.

What can I tell you about the local music industry that you didnt already know? We undoubtedly have a lot of ever-present, and wonderfully ever-growing talented musicians, all expected to be discovered. Adi, however, didnt wait for opportunities to just fall onto his lap. They dont exactly do anyway, at least not here. He took chances on himself because he believed in his music, even when others didnt. He worked hard. He made demos after demos, samples and projects, the process that would end up being projecTUNES.

To date Adi has released:

* Kau Di Sisi Featuring Lo Ryder (Crave Remix)
* Ratu
* Pujaanku
* Satu
* Sudah.Enough Featuring Azeem
* Salahku
* Bila Berdua

Adi Rani has also helped *produced/**co-produced

* Don't Wanna by Diana Featuring DJ Felix & Reza
* Just Believe by Azeem, NJ Featuring Diana
** The Reply by Azeem
** Home by Azeem
* Juwitaku by Hatta
* Bliss by Jackpott Featuring NJ
** Don't Stop Now by Azeem Featuring Feez Madea

Don't let the figure throw you. Even though the quantity left little to be desired and seemingly unimpressive, you have yet to judge the quality of his work. Adi has been involved musically for quite awhile, but he is relatively new when it comes to recording records. This has much to do with time constraint, not experience. Due to his other professional career, he was away a lot and he didnt have time to work on his first love, which is his music. He hoards so many written lyrics and songs up his sleeves that he just cant wait to release, as soon as his finance would permit. However, he has the habit of putting things off by going back and changing, improving, his work. He wont let anything out of the room, literally, unless it sounds right. Things are going slow but he can hardly contend himself when it comes to showcasing his craft and he shows no sign of slowing down. He looks forward to working with other artists in the very near future.

I dont question the meaning of his lyrics and how he finds his muse. As his biggest fan, as far as I know, his music sounds great and honest, and most importantly, human. It is said that, "An artist should never have to explain what the songs are about. The listener will determine that for themselves".

He is not there yet but Adi has bought himself a ticket of un-impossibility and this is just the beginning of the next chapter in a career filled with promise and possibility. Hes getting there and he is about to demonstrate just how much talent plus time plus effort plus support can accomplish.

Its hard to be objective when youre dating the star in question, however, on a more serious note, Adi is the real deal. I didnt write this bio as a favour to him. I wrote this because hes really good at what he does. He is ridiculously and incredibly talented. You will know this when youre lucky enough to see him perform his craft live, just him and his guitar. The common theme you will hear when people talk about Adi, is potential, potential, potential.

If you've made it this far, congratulations are in order. Either I should quit my job and do this instead because apparently I'm a more captivating writer than I previously thought, or you're just committed to tackling this bio because you believe in Adi too. Either way, thank you for reading, thank you for listening, thank you for supporting and thank you for visiting purevolume.com/adirani

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    I Love You May 03

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