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Genres: Rock / Indie

Location: Akron, OH

Stats: 84 fans / 13,109 plays / 22 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Matt, Mike, Andrew, Jordan

ADIOS is an indie rock band who hails from Akron, OH. Their music is powerful and unique, combining the complexities of Braid with No Knife and Counterfit.

"Pleasing and powerful are two words that cross at many a varied path. But when it's done right, the warmth and emotion that such an understanding can convey is second to none. The ability to combine dynamics and atmosphere without falling off the dock into the sea of boredom is a rare trait exemplified by few bands, but Akron, Ohio natives ADIOS possesses such knowledge. On Situations, the band is so deeply entrenched in the world of melodic emotion, it appears as though they, themselves, are the very definition of the dynamic sound. Their songs incorporate powerful guitars and fierce concise drumming with strong, emotional vocals. Intricate, weaving and deeply personal, they bounce from subtle to emotionally spent, only to return from whence they came."


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    The Algorithm [MATHCORE.ELECTRONIC.PROGRESSIVE] : http://www.purevolume.com/TheAlgorithm Jan 11
  • alexis(rawwwrrrr) said:
    You guys are really awesome You deserve way more then 74 fans Sep 10
  • My Heart Attack said:
    Check out my music and let us know what think! http://www.purevolume.com/revolution15 Jan 15
  • V is for VICIOUS said:
    oh my gosh you are from akron. guess what? i am too! thats so impressive Dec 10
  • joesxif said:
    i looooove it your hot and your musics good what could be better =) Apr 03
  • swimmusic11 said:
    oh man, this is great stuff, why haven\'t i heard of you beofre, i grew u in akron! Man where can i find your guys tour/play scedule??? come to Mount Vernon Ohio, i would totally set the gig up Jul 21
  • t e a r . m 3 . a p a r t said:
    Shiiiit You Guys Are Good Jun 03
  • thoughtfulthinking said:
    Add Comment here... May 01
  • FithNick said:
    omg u guys are the best band ever. if u were chicks i would want u to have my babies. Feb 10
  • allmessduponu77 said:
    Add Comment here... Feb 07

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