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ADEMA (official)


Genres: Rock

Location: Bakersfield, CA

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4 tracks

Members: Bobby Reeves/Vocals - Tim Fluckey/Guitars/ - Ed Faris/Guitars - Dave DeRoo/Bass - Kris Kohls/Drums

Originally hailing from Bakersfield, CA...ADEMA burst onto the modern rock scene in 2001 with the release of their self-titled debut on Arista Records. The first two singles, "Giving In" and "The Way You Like It", were Modern Rock radio hits that pushed Adema to near-platinum sales status. The Bakersfield quintet's instantaneous fan base was cemented by an almost unheard-of coup -- landing on the main stage of the 2001-2 Ozzfest merely on the strength of their first cd.

ADEMA stayed on the road for more than a year, touring with the likes of LINKIN PARK, DROWNING POOL, DISTURBED, CYPRESS HILL, and many, many more acts. They stayed on the road for well over a year and 1/2 A review of Adema's debut in London's prestigious NME raved: "Adema's visceral, artfully succinct rock punch comes brilliantly wrapped in killer whistleable tunes." Rolling Stone wrote: "Moody, hard and melodic, a creative palette of soaring solos, singing lines and textures."

A seven-song remix and cover EP, "Insomniac's Dream", followed in October 2002, and Adema's full-length follow-up, "Unstable", was next. Recorded in early 2003 with producer Howard Benson (P.O.D., Hoobastank, My Chemical Romance), "Unstable" was a mature, dynamic album that proved Adema was a musical force to be reckoned with, not just a flash in the pan.

Once again, ADEMA did what they do best - TOURED! They immediately hit the road in support of "Unstable" - Touring once again with LINKIN PARK, STAIND, ALIEN ANT FARM, ILL NINO, & GODSMACK just to name a few. After several more months of touring, relationships were strained within the band, and original guitarist Mike Ransom decided to leave the group. He's since gone on to various projects; including former ROB ZOMBIE guitarist Riggs in SCUM OF THE EARTH. The band soldiered on as a 4 piece, and UNSTABLE did relatively well, selling over 200,000 copies worldwide...

Yet mere weeks after the release of "Unstable", Arista Records closed its doors, leaving Adema, through no fault of their own, without a label. With the music industry on the whole tightening its belts and major labels consolidating and merging, Adema entered 2004 with no label support.

During this time, Earache took notice. "We couldn't ignore the fact that Adema had sold nearly platinum and they were unsigned," says Al Dawson. "It occurred to us that Earache could offer this band another chance."

"Adema's music is more powerful and genuine than any trend, and can only be described as Rock," continues Al Dawson. ADEMA drummer KRIS KOHLS describes it thusly: "We go on stage and rock! Rock: it's such a broad word that it doesn't categorize you. From STP to Metallica to Weezer to the Cure, Rock encompasses it all." In spring 2004, EARACHE approached ADEMA with an offer for a worldwide deal and the band signed on July 16, 2004, but personal as well as musical differences resulted in original singer MARKY CHAVEZ's departure from the band shortly thereafter.

Where most record labels would have little patience for a band without a "frontman", EARACHE had faith in ADEMA. They knew that KRIS KOHLS, DAVE DEROO, and TIM FLUCKEY had the will power, drive, and preserverance to stand & deliver!!! Where lesser individuals might have collapsed under the pressure (or simply lost the desire to create music), the remaining 3 members of ADEMA thrived.

The guys holed themselves up in a studio for weeks; writing the songs that would become "PLANETS". For the first time ever, they tried their hand in writing lyrics, and began auditioning vocalists - hoping that the void left behind by Chavez would be filled before the upcoming studio deadlines. Enter Luke Caraccioli...

Caraccioli, who originally hails from Huntsville, Alabama was recruited from a local band right in ADEMA's own backyard: in Bakersfield,CA! Luke came in, and brought a decidedly different sound to ADEMA. Although it was different from Chavez's signature snarl, Caraccioli added more range, and a vastly different scope to ADEMA's evolving musically compositions. "PLANETS" was the result, and it was born on April 5th, 2005...

ADEMA wasn't home when the album dropped, however. No; they had much bigger things at hand! The boys teamed up with the USO, and decided to break in these new songs in front of thousands of U.S. Soldiers stationed in Iraq & Kuwait...! ADEMA was one of the 1st rock bands to ever play in Mosul, Iraq. It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience; and one of the most rewarding of the bands career.

The boys returned stateside, and were met at CBGB in New York by the TODAY show, and a new album to support. The band set out in a van (with no crew, and no tour support) and set out for about 7 months when once again, ADEMA found themselves searching for a vocalist. They thought they had found the answer in CARACCIOLI, but he too decided to call it quits, and left the band abruptly in late October, with shows still scheduled.

Once again, the bands' future was again in question. Would these guys EVER find a REAL Rock & Roll frontman capable of wearing ADEMA's crown? The guys spent the holidays at home, uncertain about what the future held.

In January, a new year began. A fresh start; a clean slate, if you will. Dave, Tim, & Kris began doing what they do best: writing! After briefly considering keeping the group a 3-piece, they ran into an old aquaintance: Bobby Reeves (fromerly of the Los Angeles based group, LEVEL).

Bobby is just what the doctor ordered!

Although the band was hesitant to get a new frontman so soon after their dissapointing run with Caraccioli, they knew that the best way to see if Bobby had the goods was to simply "get back in the ring"!!!

They booked some tour dates, and Bobby passed the test with flying colors! "This guy was born to be on stage - he's a natural performer"- says DeRoo.

Many who have witnessed the bands' blistering live performances in recent months have also noticed a return-to-form, in that the band has began playing much of their older material - songs that Caraccioli was reluctant to do.

" the thing with Bobby is that he makes ALL of our songs sound better - from the old to the new stuff." says Fluckey. "He's definately got his own voice" adds Kohls. The third time is the charm in this case!

The band is currently writing & recording what will be their 4th LP. They are currently meeting with record labels, and will be on tour this summer!

ADEMA is back; and better than ever! Make sure you see them when they roll through your town!


  • melniXofia said:
    What about "kill the headlights" 2007 album??? why it isn't wrotten in their albums bar X( Apr 02
  • melniXofia said:
    The way u like it :) btw please make new album Apr 02
  • Punk House Media said:
    Check out your new favorite band here: www.purevolume.com/othersmayfall :-) Sep 23
  • jellylicious said:
    well hey what up!! Apr 22
  • radioinahole said:
    cant believe mark is back in the band Dec 04
  • MoBMaB said:
    i like song new single. :) giving in Oct 09
  • Kevin said:
    all the songs here are from the albums with Mark....good, cause i dont like the new stuff. Apr 14
  • Katelynn said:
    love your music!! XD Dec 12
  • Noah said:
    latest album rocks! brand new thing has to be one of adema's best songs, even better than ones with marky =O May 29
  • JeordieX said:
    Hi guys, you are my favourite band ever, I love ADEMA so much. I miss the guys that left, and marks voice. But Bobby your voice is so amazing, it's truly great. Please continue your stuff, it shouldn't be long before you become the biggest band in the world. Mar 18
  • rockonx said:
    can u guys add close friends.its ur best song ever,keep on rockin!! Mar 15
  • bleedingmascaraxoxrockerchickxox said:
    you guys r the shit!keep it up!! Aug 03
  • demonlovesangels said:
    you guys rock!!!!!i like the vid for immortal and giving in!!!! May 22
  • rawkz0rz said:
    You guys rock and always will! May 04
  • andrew777 said:
    wassup Adema Apr 27


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