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Addison Park


Genres: Pop Punk / Rock / Alternative

Location: Echo Lake, IL

Stats: 1,660 fans / 207,396 plays / 41 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Dave, Kyle, Danny, Sweeney, Glenn, Core

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Seven is now available for purchase and download! The album can be downloaded at iTunes, Rhapsody, Napster and can be purchased from Smartpunk here.

Hey, we're addison park, enjoy the tunes!

The CD "Seven" was recorded at Clean Cut Recording Studio (cleancutrecording.com) in Chicago and was Produced by Tony Doppke



IM us! We would love to hear from you!


(Vocals) - brand2new6
(Synth/Piano) - sevensblueheaven
(Guitar) - kingapukem12
(Guitar) - N1F6G
(Bass) - Fallnlikeicicles
(Drums) - Swiveljet


  • The Light Affect said:
    Hope you guys are still together, please email me at TheLightAffect@gmail.com, my team and i are looking for another band to do our next music video Jul 07
  • Caroline said:
    can't remember where i first heard of your band, but had a note to myself to check you guys out - from california btw just checked out bay area blues.. catchy song.. vocals are much better than the others "apperception" appeals to me most though... maybe the intro riff? scratch that. it IS the riff cos it's definitely not the chorus.. too slow to really compete w/ the kick ass build up on a side note, "mr hollywood" sounds too similar to but not as good as paramore's "pressure" to go big May 12
  • Tayroarrr :D said:
    Solid (: Jun 03
  • sarahbethurie said:
    well hey what up!! Apr 22
  • brooke. said:
    u guys are truely amazing :]] Oct 22
  • brooke. said:
    u guys are truely amazing :]] Oct 22
  • tragic8records_Mark28 said:
    I Like u music, keep it up guys (POP-PUNK RULES = ENERGETIC MUSIC) Jul 31
  • derrick (R.I.P. Dakota Deats) said:
    hey im derrick and i wanna get a band started some day hopefully soon. where and how did u guys get ur start?????// Apr 10
  • Ambahh =D said:
    Saw you guys on the Chicago news thing for Fox where they were talking about how they go temo all arong and what not. And I was like, hey, they aren\'t too bad! So I looked you guys up and BAM! You are! Muwahahahah! rofl. So keep up the great work!! Jan 28
  • R's not on here anymore said:
    Okay, i read your response to the interview. Good job :-) Jan 27
  • R's not on here anymore said:
    I watched the terribly misguided news video that featured you. I hope that you didn\'t describe yourselves as \"\"emo\"\", because they sure did. Jan 24
  • kathleenatilluminarecords said:
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  • x one x whisper x said:
    you guys make me smile =) Aug 15
  • Subliminal_Messages said:
    touche, i like. =] Jul 13
  • nicolecl191 said:
    Um yeah... great... just like amazing =] Love apperception very much =D May 20


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