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  • FukinLUVdis420 said:
    one of the best bands ever!!! Sep 13
  • braileee said:
    Nice stuff! Check out our new songs! http://www.myspace.com/sevendailysins http://www.purevolume.com/SevenDailySins Sep 13
  • CBD said:
    saw Jeremy on Pawn Stars funny Sep 06
  • xMike182x said:
    they dont update their page much do they? haha Sep 03
  • Jessie said:
    i luv it alot! Sep 03
  • Kyletard said:
    if it means alot to you is really good its alot like rueben Sep 02
  • Sailing With Ghosts [STREET TEAM] said:
    Hey! We just released our full length "Lithographs In Perspective" on iTunes, Check it out and tell us what you think! www.myspace.com/sailingwithghostsfl www.purevolume.com/sailingwithghosts Aug 30
  • jessica! said:
    you guys are amazing, especially live :) cnt wait for the new cd :) Aug 27
  • Jiniā˜® said:
    addicted to have faith in me Aug 27
  • !bella said:
    have faith in me Aug 24
  • Abigaile said:
    wheres the Homesick album?! =/ Aug 23
  • Ian Collins said:
    Download 4 TRIGGER THEORY songs Free! Listen to 6 more! Check out our 3 music videos! Become a fan! www.purevolume.com/triggertheory Aug 21
  • Nick said:
    http://www.purevolume.com/MyNewYorkSummer Aug 20
  • Lovee(: said:
    you guys are so sickk ;D love youu bunches (: homesick was my faveorite record, by faaaar xoxoxoxoxoxoxo Aug 14
  • Frantic said:
    http://www.purevolume.com/meequalsyou Check them out Aug 11
  • Roooob! said:
    im made of wax larry.. that song is Aug 10
  • Kristy said:
    lovee Aug 05
  • kayEvn said:
    The Downfall of us All! awesome song! Aug 05
  • Merrill said:
    they should make a strict pop punk album, would be so boss! Jul 30
  • Kent said:
    thank you for all the sick music, please please please keep making music, the world is just a better place with it, all your songs kick ass make more covers!! Jul 29