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A Day In The Life now known as Hawthorne Heights


Genres: Pop Punk / Emo

Location: Dayton, OH

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Members: J.T Woodruff,Andy,Andy,Jesse

Nine Reasons To Say Goodbye
In Stores Everywhere July 11, 2006

Hey everyone what's up? This is Mark from Carbon Copy. Just wanted to say thanks for checking out the A Day in the Life purevolume site. This re-release marks the first release for our new label Carbon Copy Media. We have links below to check out our 5 other bands so please take a few seconds to check out these bands. Also all copies of the new ADITL have 10 song sampler cds with all of our bands represented.

This album was released in 2001 and we spent 500 bucks to record the entire album. JT did vocals on this album and over the next 2 years Micah, Eron, and Casey all came to join ADITL. In the spring of 2003 they changed names and became Hawthorne Heights and signed with Victory Records.

This album " Nine Reasons to Say Goodbye" is an early indication of what would become Hawthorne Heights down the road. " Nine Reasons" will be avaliable everywhere on July 11th. So if you're into Hawthorne give this a listen and hear some of the early low budget buliding blocks of what would become. Thanks a lot and contact us at myspace.com/carboncopymedia or check us out a carboncopymedia.com

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- Ellison's debut album "Say Goodnight, Sleep Alone" - In stores August 22, 2006
- Signal Home's debut cd "A Fragile Constitutional" - In stores August 22, 2006
- Also full length's from Brighten, Ivory and Asteria when these albums are released later this fall.

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  • BUY CATS said:
    IF YOU LIKE adayinthelifenowknownashawthorneheights YOUR GONNA LOVE MY CATS purevolume.com/we_sell_cats Feb 28
  • sarahbethurie said:
    hey. whats up? Apr 22
  • joey said:
    umm. love their old shit but their new cd isnt working too well. and joesxif. your a fucking loser Dec 17
  • serrano said:
    oh man! your sound it´s so good.. and you´r so great Oct 02
  • joesxif said:
    wow... hah Apr 03
  • Scarlett Rose said:
    i like HH better, but this doesn\'t seem half bad... i think i might buy it! Feb 19
  • Meowmix said:
    you guys sound really good surprisingly. i almost like u more than hh. Dec 07
  • Chemicalfallout said:
    i miss a day in the life,apparently hoverboards dont work on water was great Sep 12
  • Autumn_C said:
    I must admit, I like Hawthorne Heights more. This band is a little softer, but not in a totally bad way. I love the sound, that\'s why I bought the album a couple of days ago. Keep rocking. HH- See you at your show in Indiana the 28th -Autumn ! Sep 11
  • sportsfreak41589 said:
    Jul 15
  • ponandzi said:
    Add Comment here... Jul 14
  • said:
    I see whats going on here. All the \"little kids\" like that high pitched, whiny style of singing. Probably cuz their little kids. Ask anyone over 21 and they will say Silence in Black and White is the best one. The onle problem with IF ONLY... is that there is FAR less scraming from Casey, and overall they just seem more hopefull. Still depressed, just more hopefull; like there is a light at the end of the tunnel now suddenly. They are no longer suicidal. (if they ever were) Jul 13
  • said:
    booooo Jul 13
  • britisvogue said:
    you guys rock!! Jul 13
  • ohioXisXforXlovers said:
    wow nine reasons to say goodbye sounds different from what you guys normally play. but its still pretty rad. Honestly i think if only you were loney woul dhave to be you guys\' best one yet :) Jul 13

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