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How you can Fight Depression and Win

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It all is due to what state you are in. Depression is a big word. I feel that although one should seek help and be aware when they feel somewhat negative and depressed. I feel when one states that they are afflicted by depression, they're further compounding the issue.

Bob Proctor in the secret shared with us a great line. It is primarily the. "For me to be free, I must be me, not who my spouse wants me to become, but me, not who my children want me to become but me, not who my buddies want me to be but me. Ultimately that i can be free, I have to be me!" This leads me to my next question. Who do you need to be? Deciding that you'll leave nothing unturned being the individual you need to be straight away kicks negativity and depression from your life..


This is the only way to become happy. To live life on your terms, to visit after what you want. When you're living your life purposely, unexpected things happen. "When you place your self on fire, individuals will queue to look at you burn". The planet is crying out for leaders (screaming for people who will actually do what their heart is crying out for them to do). So, all I'm asking in the following paragraphs is for you to go barefaced for what you would like. Pursuing what you want in life has so many advantages. Firstly you will be energized, you'll be far more focused and the journey could keep you young and fresh. On the other hand when doing things you don't have any curiosity about, you are feeling useless, you feel that rather than investing your time and effort, you're waiting your time and effort and also you age quicker. The largest drawback however is this.


When one is totally disinterested in what one is doing in everyday life, your mind naturally turns towards other things and predominantly, the ideas it turns to are negative. Why? Because the self-image currently in your mind is one of lack, one that you will know you aren't doing enough. Happiness comes from growth. When one feels one is progressing, the first is happy but growth is paramount. We as individuals are always changing in everyday life. This can be a fact. Change may be the only thing that is constant. What you have to research is whether or not you want to grow or wither away. Your decision is yours but if you are taking the development path, overcoming depression is a speedy process.

Posted May 18, 2012 at 10:38am