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Adam Neil

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Genres: Christian / Acoustic / Alternative

Location: Santa Monica, AZ

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Members: just adam

copy and paste this link to see me playing live with the usual suspects at the refuge lounge:


I have a couple of new singles, a worship album and a Christmas album available at listentoadamneil.com

I have been blessed to be able to release a few videos with Joe Gallegos of retellstories.com the links to the videos are available on my site.

This is old, I kinda want to leave it:

hey im adam. im 18, and I live in california...not the pretty part of california, but close to it...in other words, im only MOSTLY a loser... however, in all my insufficiencies, i can depend on the one, the only: JESUS CHRIST!
no matter what your family, freinds or 'whoevers' may say...jesus really does love you and he honestly did live and die for you...its sounds crazy...and maybe it is...but all the same jesus has made a way for you to go to heaven. all you have to do is accept jesus into your heart. simply put: admit your a sinner...and then just give your heart to christ.
were all sinners, admit it...even the best of us have, at the very least, lied or stolen....these acts are called sins. and sin must be judged.
now, you can condemn yourself and pay your own price...(that means youll have to go to hell for eternity) or you can cast your sins on jesus, who will welcome you with open arms, and free you from your guilt...
sounds good doesnt it?

you can pray this prayer if you like, just talk to God the same way you might talk to your best freind...

Jesus, i know that im a sinner, i repent of my sins and i ask that You would come into my heart and be my Lord and savior. thank you for your cleansing blood that was shed for me when you died on the cross. by faith I accept your gift of salvation, and I thank you for conquering death when you rose from the dead...in Jesus name, amen

beleive it or not, thats it....write me if you have questions or just want to chat


"Sycamore Tree-- Does every one of these get better and better as you hear
them? This...is just phenomenal. "Falling in hope.." OMG. This COULD
be fictional, I would assume not. So, whoever's name is in the
sycamore tree is one lucky broad. lol..."

FULL REVIEW by Tyffany Nevarro, Denver, Co

Untouchable- Untouchable is the kind of song that you quietly hear
playing in the background of a noisy scene. You don't know what you're
hearing exactly, but all you know is that you follow that sound until
you find it. When you do, it's simply magic. One can only wonder what
a full range of instruments would do for this song, but I also believe
such additions would only take away from Untouchable's simplistic
beauty as well. Upon first hearing the introduction, the acoustic
chord progressions hint the entire feel of the song: Definitely a sad,
entrancing feel, but also mixed with the underlying vibe of hope.
Suddenly, you're overcome by the eerie mix of minor chords and
vocalist Adam Neil's powerful voice. Think Maroon 5, Jason Mraz, and
John Mayer all thrown together to make one beautiful arrangement that
pulls you in whether you're ready or not. If you're looking for that
new song to fall in love with and listen to over and over again, you
don't need to look any further.

Sycamore Tree- Sycamore Tree is the type of song that doesn't mess
around. There's no added fluff or anything unnecessary. Everything is
precisely placed, simple, but also so incredibly written that all you
want is to hear what the song has to say. Singer, songwriter, and
performer Adam Neil is certainly known for his vocal abilities, but
far be it from me to take anything away from his lyrical genius as
well. All of his songs are beautifully put together, with every lyric
as real as a whisper in your ear, but Sycamore Tree is certainly one
to stand out lyrically. The song has that sweet, romantic feel that is
so lacking in a generation of poorly written music. I've heard every
supposed "love song" written out there, and this is the only song that
has ever gave me the stereotypical flutter of the heart. I would
assume this is because Sycamore Tree isn't a love song at all, but a
statement of passion, loyalty, and quite frankly a ballad of the human

Hey Mercy ft. Flight 417- This is probably the biggest surprise I
expected to come from Adam Neil. Coming from an
acoustic/alternative/Christian genre, you just wouldn't expect
something as fun and interesting as Hey Mercy is. This song sets
itself apart from Christian music just by being different and so
entertaining to listen to. Hey Mercy starts off right away, and as a
fast song it certainly is far from dull. Neil again proves his talent
by being the incredible drummer of Flight 417, but also even sings as
well! Never do you get the feel that Neil is struggling at all, and of
anything, his rhythmic drum playing ends up bleeding throughout the
entire feel of the song. The guitar gives the wonderful rock edge to
Hey Mercy, the piano gives it that touch of class, and Shiggie Neil's
back up vocals compliment Adam's so well you know as a listener
they're a perfect fit. Hey Mercy will certainly bring a smile to your
face, and a warmth to your heart. Tyffany Navarro

awww, thanks tyff...im blushing.


im adam. the one looking right.
yeah.... they were trying to take a picture and i got distracted for a second.... anyways
this is me, acoustically. (ha that sounds nice) if i had a band there would be other instruments on there. maybe someday.....

Flight 417 is my old band from back in the day.
the members of Flight 417 were:
Joe Gallegos - giutar
Shiggie - piano and back up vocals
Alyssa Neil -bass
and then im playing drums and singing AT THE SAME TIME! THAT WAS TOUGH!...good times

big thanks to skip unruh for helming the mixing/recording of the acoustic tracks,
skips da bomb.
(ha ha, SKIP?, SKIPPER?, HELMING?...ya get it? its funny--LAUGH DANG IT!)

so enjoy the page, thanks for reading this little 'billboard' thingy, i probably would have stoped reading as soon as i saw 'howdy'.


(mumbles to himself) this is meee...acousticalleeeee....this me...acousti... ahem

hi wes


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