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Is restricted Tort Right For Me

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It's that dreaded season again, time for you to renew your automobile insurance policy. For some time now, you have been considering going with a different company to see if it can save you any money. In the appointment together with your new agent, he asks, "Would you love to select Limited Tort? You will save in your premium." For the shortsighted person, the inquiry ends there and also the response is YES! Almost anything to save money. For that respected thinkers amount us, though, the inquiry is going much further. What is Limited Tort? Its an option in your car insurance policy that essentially waives your to recover for suffering and pain if you are injured in an accident. In return for this, you save a few bucks on your insurance premium. The savings varies case by case, and depends upon how old you are, location and number of drivers in your home, among other things. My wife and I are the only drivers in our home, and that we are in our mid 30's. Our savings for any 6 month policy would have been $17. Others that I know happen to be offered more substantial savings, up to a few $ 100 each year. The question for you is whether or not the savings is worth it. With my case, $17 clearly isn't. Becoming an attorney and coping with Limited Tort cases on a day to day basis, there is probably no amount that would be worth it in my experience.

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You have to realize exactly what you're quitting if you choose Limited Tort. You're quitting your to sue for suffering and pain that could occur in a vehicle accident that was not your fault. Picture yourself sitting in a red light, awaiting the signal to turn green. An unattentive driver strikes you from behind, forcing you in to the controls. A person suffers a broken nose, broken ribs, headache, whiplash and lower back pain. You go to physical therapy for 2 months. Nothing appears to relieve the rear pain, you might endure this for a while. Imagine that you have selected Limited Tort on your car insurance policy. You and the family members in your vehicle won't be able to recuperate for suffering and pain for just about any of those injuries just described.

There are exceptions to the Limited Tort rule plus they change from one state to another. In Pennsylvania, where I practice law, the threshold for overcoming the Limited Tort election is if damages suffered is considered a serious disfigurement, a significant impairment of bodily function or death. Which means that if a person suffers an injury as stated in the earlier sentence, you'll be able to pursue a pain and suffering claim even though you have chosen the Limited Tort election.

Consideration is required before selecting the Limited Tort option. From a legal standpoint, it's never advisable. At the minimum, you should be aware of the items you are quitting if you make the Limited Tort election.

Posted May 13, 2012 at 12:31pm