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DJ Beebs


Genres: Electronic / House / Other

Location: Saugatuck, CT

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Members: Adam Berry


September 3, 2008:

Get ready to hear DJ Beebs live!

Every Tuesday and Wednesday at 8:00am, I will be having my radio broadcast. Go to Party934 and check it out! Broadcasts start September 13th.



June 19, 2008:

Hello everyone!

As you can see, the site is going to be taking a little bit of a 180. In the years that I have had this site it has been host to my CD, SSV. The CD is still out there, but it's about time to use it for something else.

I have been DJing for about as long as SSV has been out there, but it's now that I want it to start becoming something more. This site will be the host of my new EP, Stutter Nine Lifetimes.

A bit about the EP: It is a mash up between Nine Lives, a great song off of Midnight Juggernaut's new album Dystopia, and "Stuttering" Kiss me Again by Ben's Brother, otherwise known as the song from that commercial where the princess kisses the frog; you'll recognize it.

Also, please check out my Myspace for other released songs!

Check it out!

7/19: Hey all:

Well, after six months out in the stores, SSV has finally hit a few big online MP3 companies. These are: iTunes, Napster, and Rhapsody.

To find SSV on iTunes just search SSV in the music store or Adam Berry in the same. You can listen or buy for the low price of 0.99$ a song!

For Napster, follow this link > Napster

For Rhapsody, follow this link > Rhapsody

4/12: Another new website:

Hey guys! Check out my portfolio at

Talent Finder

3/25: New website:


Check out your old SSV favorites before you go to Cd baby to buy them ;-)

2/23: Hey everyone,

12/29: Hey, Guess what?

ADAMBERRY:SSVADAM BERRY: SSVSSV is an Electronica fan's dream. It covers many styles of electronica including: Drum and bass, hip-hop electronica, house, industrial, dance, breakbeats, ambient, and everything in between. It has recieved rave reviews from everyone in Westport CT.BuytheCD


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