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Adam and Andrew


Genres: Comedy / Rap / Indie

Location: San Luis Obispo, CA

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4 tracks

Members: Adam Christensen and Andrew Portner

A comedy duo that is so good it makes Ghandi look like a child molester. The formation of the band is considered the pinnacle of mankind's evolution in artistic achievement. Their unique mixture of comedy and music has torn down cultural barriers and repopulated endangered species.

New Album Out Called Earection!!, you can listen to it and buy it, along with our first album Music Pimp$ on our myspace page at



  • Nightmarexx said:
    You guys are like.. Kick. Ass. I love how funny you guys are. But, Emo Kid for the win xD Oct 21
  • fdgfhghjjkl said:
    faggets May 01
  • They call me Allie said:
    So Funny! you guys are the best! Apr 20
  • unleash the BEAST said:
    Put the frikin Gangster song on dis pg yo!!!!!! hehe!!! lol Mar 25
  • lara said:
    hahahaha U guys are amazing!!!!!!!!!!! Mar 12
  • the_cut_up_angel said:
    im an emo kid as non conforming as can be you'd be none conforming too if you looked just like me i have paint on my nails and makeup on my face im almost emo enough to start shaving my legs cause i feel real deep when im dressing in drag call it freedon love expression or just call me a fag! you guys make me the worst emo everXD Jan 01
  • TheEndComplete said:
    I think the emo kid song was well done, quite funny actually. But the fact that they mocked t.A.T.u just pisses me off. Fail musicians. Sep 17
  • RED BULL GIVES YOU WINGS - not here anymore... said:
    Aug 21
  • Liz *SceneNightmare* :) said:
    luv the music!! yes im 1 of the 3mo kids but im not lez, im actually straight!! luv the emo kid remix!! it rox!! (//_ Jul 04
  • Cat said:
    if i said i liked girls, i'd only be half right! lmfao Feb 19
  • nomad said:
    and i dont hav a problem with emos - ur just screwed Oct 17
  • nomad said:
    Fuk off tatu - their not lesbians. fukn shitface. go jump off a cliff b4 u watse more space on the purevolume server Oct 17
  • Gage said:
    I love the emo song Jun 10
  • Ryan Lindauer said:
    u guys are hilarious May 08
  • **dAKoTALeViNe** said:
    u guys seriously make me feel good to be emo... Apr 01

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