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a cutthroat kiss


Genres: Screamo / Emo / Rock

Location: San Pedro, CA

Stats: 742 fans / 99,829 plays / 53 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Philip, AJ, Chris

this band is no longer together. we appreciated all the support we have ever gotten and would have loved to see how far we could have gone, but it was hard to pick back up. we still will be answering any e-mails that are sent our way. thank you for making it fun for the short period it lasted.


  • jerry4cent5711 said:
    Yo u guys herd of cutthroat kiss good band favorite song is the way we used to May 31
  • xthatoneperson said:
    i would have never guessed one of my favorite bands that i listen too almost everyday would live so close to my city i guess it is a small world thank you for making amazing songs Feb 05
  • Tyler Clingan said:
    Hey, I don't know if you guys ever check this anymore.. but I would like to buy a CD of your guys music; Contact me at tylerclingann@hotmail.com please. Oct 26
  • sssrr said:
    i use to listen to you guys so fucking much. only to find out you were broken up already. haha. brings me waaay back. May 03
  • Fernanda Naitzki said:
    (L) Mar 15
  • Esbir said:
    do u still answer comments?,well, I really like your songs, I hear them since before you broke up till now. Besides that, it would be cool to chat someday, don't know if you will ever read this, anyway, here's my msn: esbirfischer@hotmail.com Sep 11
  • ArDen said:
    wow u guys are ahmazing....y did u break up?? Aug 23
  • Acid~Rainbow said:
    you guys suck (N) Jul 16
  • Cheyenne(: said:
    i love you guyss :( Apr 23
  • .chelsea smile. said:
    you guys really need to get back together because your music is way differant from anything i have ever heard and that is good and i would like to here more of your music so you should really get back together Jan 30
  • VwonderwallV said:
    Sucks that you guys had to break up.... Jan 02
  • XxBring-Celina-The-HorizonxX said:
    heard one of ur songs on a skateboarding video n i loved it, i wish u guys were still together Sep 08
  • KAYLA said:
    Get back together!!! You guys are awesome! Jun 28
  • ARNE said:
    You guys are really great!^^ to bad the band broke up :S Apr 11
  • tikihut_hideout said:
    Please Please don't stop making the music you've already created. I love it. Even if you already broke up, start again. Mar 29

Upon Our Last Night EP

No release date

Upon Our Last Night EP

No release date

Dear Friends

No release date


United States


Wichita, KS


Sheffield, United Kingdom


Coto de Caza, CA


Svalbard and Jan Mayen


Perth Amboy, NJ


Chantilly, VA


Iserlohn, Germany

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