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A Coastline Ending


Genres: Pop / Rock

Location: Rockville, CT

Stats: 762 fans / 61,473 plays / 50 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Aaron, Brian, Corey, Cyrus, LJ

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"I strongly suggest you check out this amazing album because it might just be blaring on MTV in a few months." -SkylinePress.net

"The six-piece band known as A Coastline Ending are purveyors of some of the catchiest pop music I have heard this year." - Rockislife.com

"Soaring and meandering vocals drive this band far beyond most others in this genre." -EvilNeedles.com

"If you haven't already given these guys a listen, then what exactly are you waiting for?" -Guestlistmagazine.net

"With great potential to create a memorable name of rock to their own, ACE is almost indescribable and incomparable to any other band of this time. Ultimately, ACE will grow upon you and leave you at a loss for words." -RebelNoise.com

"A Coastline Ending proves emotionally provocative and thoroughly stimulating, powerful, honest, and just the right amount of angst." -Acedmagazine.com

"The record is one of the best surprises, so far, of 2008. This band is definitely going places and this record is the perfect place for them to show what they're capable of." -Punkbands.com

"Fans of pop-punk music brace yourself for a fresh new addition to your list of guilty pleasure bands." -Highbeamreview.com

"For fans of this sort of music, A Coastline Ending will be considered a must-have addition to their music library." -TheCelebrityCafe.com

"With their debut, In The Name Of Progression, A Coastline Ending have taken this basic pop-punk equation of electric guitars and driving vocals, infused it with their own distinct elements, and refined the whole thing." - The Owl Magazine

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  • Nicole(: said:
    love! Aug 17
  • xorobynxo said:
    Hey whats up!! Apr 22
  • Brooke. said:
    I like it a lot! Mar 08
  • Layla said:
    thanks for the free cd at the undefyed show(: Nov 18
  • you are my sunshine.. said:
    It was great talking with you guys absolutely loved your performance you put on one hell of a show ^^ Nov 04
  • Deadman_Living said:
    You guys rock!!! You should put "Subconscious Walls" back on for streaming. That song is KILLER! Oct 31
  • YourAwfulMeLoveYou said:
    GASP You do not have my fav. song on here! (Subconcious Walls) its ok you still own Oct 23
  • Brent said:
    WOO ACE ROCKS! Oct 08
  • winterFR3$H (to deathh). said:
    that's some pretty rad music you got going on. Sep 20
  • XxHatexToxLovexX said:
    u guys rock Sep 14
  • gloriouslyhorrific said:
    You guys are good. Love the vocals and acoustics so many faces is delightful. Sep 13
  • BiiH" said:
    adorei suas musicas.. adoro musicas desse estilo Pop/Rock. muito massa mesmo.. xDD Sep 12
  • ashley said:
    yay new song and layout!! haha:) Great job with the song guys:) Sep 10
  • Dan said:
    Now why can't I find your album in NY of all places? You guys are amazing though. Aug 05
  • ashley said:
    You Guys!!! The album is wonderful Made by Machine has got to be my favorite though! Lots of luck on tour, you will be amazing!!! Jul 28

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