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Epic Thrash Metal


Genres: Metal / Hardcore / Metalcore

Location: Greenville, NC

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Members: Sonny, Landon, Micah, Joey

Upon a cursory listen to Acirema's American Nightmare, some might be inclined to dub them the latest in a long line of the black dahlia murder clones, running Americanized Swedish melo-death/thrash into the ground. Don not make that mistake, as the North Carolina band not only does the style justice/ but offers more in the way of musicality . There are, of course, plenty if furious rhythms alongside precise, well played harmonies and melodic leads. But rather than the redundancy that plagues similar releases, the arrangements are dynamically structured and come with a greater degree of variation than is often the case. In addition to devastating breakdowns there is a refined since of melody through ou t the disc, weather created by elegant soloing moments of comparative quietude (check out the last section of "to the death") or cleanly sung supporting vocals on a few tracks. The bands other ace card is the drumming of Landon Dixon; his one-two punch of colorful percussive and teeth rattling choppiness serves to heighten the dynamics. Through it all is an unbridled aggressiveness, not only in the instrumental delivery but also in the venomous lyrics, and on "the ghost you've become'" the contempt spills over the sides. American Nightmare is a pleasant surprise to say the least. ~Scott Alisoglu [8]
OUTBURN magazine

I their eight years together, North Carolina's Acirema have remained stubbornly consistent as far as their deathcore sound goes; that's swift drumming, hefty breakdowns and spirit lifting fretwork. Recorded by Jamie King (Between The buried And Me), this new release also hits an ideal mid-point between raw and clean, so there's no way of listening without feeling hugely elated and smugly resistant to whatever the world might hurl at you that day. Admittedly, aside from the wickedly hardcore-influenced Wield The Axe And Sever the Head, the songs aren't exactly groundbreaking but, thanks to non-stop aggression, heady guitars and dual-tone vocal assaults, it makes you feel good, and sometimes, that's what counts.
Nik Young [7]


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