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  • Josh Gunn-Hill said:
    Voice. Wow. Great. I'm a fan. I usually do not like female vocalists. Great job. Better than any "Paramore" crap. Great voice. Jul 21
  • said:
    owyeah! great sound! good recommendation justin! haha Jun 17
  • Mr. Shizukesa said:
    hmmm, very good, i must say it is quite good! good upbeat tempo music with great lyrics :D its a perfect mix :D keep it coming! xD Jun 14
  • Shuo said:
    love your band's name...I'm a med student lol. Your music rocks too! =P Jun 08
  • Michael Nayt said:
    Enjoyed having you all on the show today. The best of luck for you and I hope you find a drummer soon!! Michael Apr 22
  • theycallmemeredith said:
    whut up! Apr 22
  • kri katastrophyFUCKYOU :D said:
    soooo good! i love it Dec 08
  • Adam Bruce said:
    Their Twitter page's URL is http://www.twitter.com/acalasia Oct 22
  • Haiyen said:
    damn you guys are amazzzzzzzing!!!!!! do you guys have a twitter page? xo Oct 21
  • CHACHA! said:
    awesome voice. Oct 21
  • wandaakitty said:
    Where can you get your lyrics at? Oct 21
  • recelda said:
    i love your songs^_^ Oct 19
  • Gianni Massaro said:
    Hello! We're an indie/dance rock band from Virginia called The Saltine Project. We really dig your tunes. ROCK ON!!! Much love, http://www.purevolume.com/thesaltineproject Oct 18
  • Fourth Dimension said:
    Hey, please give us a listen at http://www.purevolume.com/4thd Our EP is due out by the end of the month. Please leave comments and feedback, it would really help us out. Thanks! Oct 18
  • paulo cruz said:
    HEY guys! This KID needs your support! He's only 14 years old and he's trying his best to write some good songs. PLEASE LISTEN! www.purevolume.com/crambola Oct 18
  • onegoaloneplan said:
    i'll keep this short and sweet: i'm entered in a singing comp for high-school kids and basically if i win Sony Music Australia will sign me to a contract. all i need is for the word about my video to spread around, reckon you could help? (Register/Vote and become my fan, or just tell your mates) http://myschoolact.com/acts/falling-in-july (if you could it'd make my year, otherwise i hope you have a great day.) david :) Oct 18
  • Veronica said:
    Hope you guys make it big :D Oct 17
  • chingxz said:
    tell me how to be!!! put some songs for download. XD Oct 17
  • Billy Millman said:
    Hey,I'm an indie singer songwriter and just finished recording my first demo. You can find me at www.purevolume.com/acrosstheuniverse If you could post a comment letting me know what you think I would appreciate it so much. Thank you. Oct 16
  • Paolita Purple said:
    OMG!!!....U GuYs aRe aWeSoMe!!!!...I LoVe uR SoNgS!!! Oct 16