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A Burning Reason


Genres: Post Hardcore / Emo / Screamo

Location: Ridgefield, CT

Stats: 336 fans / 36,287 plays / 45 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Sean (trash cans, and words to be sung) Hayden (geetah), Kevin (mic), Shane (the low geetah)

Buring Reason broke up.

BUT ...

a NEW BAND formed that Sean and Hayden went to , where Sean screams and Hayden plays bass. we're a metalcore band called Dead Before Dawn. We'll have pics up soon and 4 songs up by mid march. become friends wiht us at www.purevolume.com/deadbeforedawn
- Sean


  • bhonzkie08 said:
    weh love your song take my life we cover that song wow last 2008 tnx aburning reason ^^V nice band now it gone woooT woooT Mar 02
  • AtreyuXX said:
    How old are y\'all? Dec 31
  • ScatteredShadowsxXx said:
    love the songs cant wait to hear more = ) Nov 22
  • xoxosweetkisserxoxo said:
    hey doll Nov 14
  • cunt rage said:
    you guys kick ass...i thought you had more songs on here you should definately put all the old ones back up they were really good Oct 25
  • feef said:
    what the fuck happened? Oct 20
  • feef said:
    you guys are fucking adorable. you guys are briliant for how young you\'s are. how old are yous, anyways? Oct 19
  • jessyiscoolerthanyou said:
    u guyss aree relle gooddd! i love ur pics :) comment back Oct 18
  • warsucks said:
    u guys rock. come to minnesota Oct 17
  • chriscochran said:
    You guys are good Oct 07
  • bleedsxno_more said:
    hayden, whered you get that studded guitar strap? its hella tight. Oct 06
  • Grode said:
    You guys are just like......so tight and like all things that i like..........love but seriously the new song is sweet and shanes deep scream makes me smile a little while striking fear into my heart at the same time-and sean i remember when u wrote that poem, cuz i was there...yeh! Oct 03
  • lookinforya66 said:
    OMG!!! I fucking loved that poem.It rocked. Its so true tooYou guys are pretty tight looking forward to some new stuff. Rock on and keep this shit coming. Oct 03
  • xoxosweetkisserxoxo said:
    hey kevin havent tlked to you in like a kazillion years lol miss you Sep 27
  • Emo Kitty 1921 said:
    yall r good! and so cute! how old are you guy?? comment me back! rock on! Sep 21


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