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Genres: Metal / Alternative / Progressive

Location: Other

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4 tracks

Members: Libor Kukula - guitars, Radim Ondra - guitars, Radek Krocil - bass guitar, Jan \"Mani\" Pavlusek - keyboards and backing vocals, Milan \"Peki\" Pekarek - drums and percussions, Ondras Zbranek - lead vocals


An idea of creating the band, which should play heavy, but clever and inovating music, came from the keyboardist Honza Pavlusek, who just had ended the cooperation with prog-metal band Lifescape and the guitarist Libor Kukula, who had been a part of powermetal formation Wilderness. For a long time this idea was only in a theoretical sphere, because there hadnt been any rooms available for rehearsing and the band was not sure about a position of the second guitarist. After few complications, the line-up of the band was set up as follows: Libor Kukula guitars, Radim Ondra guitars, Radek Krocil bass guitar, Honza Mani Pavlusek keyboards, Tomas Matocha drums, and the singing position had been taken by Ondej Zbranek. Since the beginning of year 2004 is the history of ABSTRACT ESSENCE started to be written.

Writing process was very easy and pleasant for us, because we were not tied by any kind of music genre, but although our music ideas fit together very well. After few song were created, the band started to play live concerts to show our different view to metal art. In September 2004 we decided to record 7 of our songs to create our first demo, which should work particularly for managing and presentating purposes. We choose recording studio Unart in Slavicin and during one beautiful week we created our first demo, which was called Lost Life. Mix and mastering was made by Iggy Mores from sound studio MY in Brno. This demo was very well rated in local and in foreign magazines and webzines. The following two years were filled by a lot of concerts, that we played the songs from Lost Life on, together with newly rehearsed songs. Through that time we received a lot of positive echoes as well as a lot of beautiful and unforgetable experiences. We supported a lot of famous band and we received very valuable contacts and experiences.

In February 2006 is made a change on a position of drummer after Tomas announces his leaving and his place is filled by experienced drummer Milan Peki Pekarek who played in formation Irokez. After two years od rehearsing and making the show, we decided to record our first full-time official album. We decided to record it in studio Pro-Marts in Vsetin and after three weeks of work we finished all basic tracks. This album was named Aftermath We invited two guests to take their singing parts on our album. Album was offically released by label Lava Productions and started to be distributed to public after ceremony show in Valasske Mezirici 18.5. 2007. Our special guest for that show was a czech metal legend Root. In a present time the band is ready to play a lot of live shows including Brutal Assault 2007 and Basinfirefest 2008, where we will be promoting the album Aftermath on and where we will be presentating our attitude to modern metal art.




May 18, 2007