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Above All Else



Genres: Pop / Rock

Location: Pictou County, NS

Stats: 247 fans / 20,619 plays / 0 plays today


Members: Nate, Corey, Mark, Max

Above All Else is a pop rock group from New Glasgow, NS. AAE has toured Canada, played the Vans Warped Tour and countless shows opening for big acts. AAE has sold out of their debut album, has the best fans in the world that rock out their t-shirts and has earned their road scars.

2010 brings a new refreshed Above All Else made up of Nate Fleming, Corey Decoste, Max Long and Marcus Cosh. It took a long time for these 4 to finally work together, but now AAE is a group of best friends that have a lot of fun with what they do.

You can see AAE this year throughout canada trying to make waves, whether it's in concert, on radio, internet or TV... it's time for everyone to get stoked!


  • Melissa said:
    I talked to you a bit at work Nate, now I actually have time to listen to some of your stuff. You guys really are awsome. Keep up the great music, dont give up and you will be bigger than big! You guys rock!!! Nov 28
  • kayla said:
    i love youu guysss Oct 26
  • LIQUORBOX. said:
    LOVE YOU GUYS ;D pictou county rep rep Jan 06
  • I've never told a lie and that makes me a liar said:
    You're show in Sussex Rocked! I was with Tasha (he took your heart that way -->) and the insane Luke kid (my brother) with the light blue ill scarlett tee. I hope you guys come back so we can get more people to syick around :P but if it makes you feel any better i make my friends listen to your CD all the time, (so they are starting to like you by force) haha well i should go.. im supposed to be in French class right now working on a project.. =) Sep 24
  • Tasha said:
    Dudes! It took me long enough to get back on here and make a comment.. But the show in sussex was awesome =) It's a shame not many people stuck around.. Sep 23
  • Mac Lennon said:
    cool tune. like the ending...from the last phone bit to the end. very cool. any upcoming gigs in pictou county? Oct 14
  • lysss said:
    (: Jul 07
  • abbeyrose said:
    love love LOVE it! Jun 25
  • Codeski said:
    Deco is a sex god. Jun 04
  • DONNELL said:
    hi im donnell n i wud like to be ur friend i added u on myspace can u please add me:) May 01
  • AnnitawearsPrada said:
    HI! guys Ilike ur music iss great I (L) Apr 12
  • hot_blue83 said:
    hey you guys are so awesome i think you best band ever Mar 16
  • unearthly said:
    how can u guys still not be signed Feb 09
  • sangredoll said:
    hug hug hug hug hug huggle hugs Oct 22
  • krazyblond411 said:
    YOu guys are awesome! Oct 21

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