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A Blessed Tragedy


Genres: Metal / Hardcore / Christian

Location: Minneapolis, MN

Stats: 2 fans / 34 plays / 8 plays today






Members: jeremy schad (drums) , brian lulek (scream) , jason mccormick (bass) , dan markiewicz (rhythm guitar) , matt juntunen (lead guitar/ rhythm), mike posegate (rhythm guitar/ lead)

Hot and cold. Fire and ice. Melody and chaos. Some things are just not supposed to mix. But when Minneapolis, MN band A Blessed Tragedy takes the stage, all of that goes out the window. Mixing chaotic, frenetic lines, brutal breakdowns, a three guitar attack and beautiful, ambient melodies, A Blessed Tragedy is doing something unique with the overly cookie cutter metal/hardcore genre.

A Blessed Tragedy formed through a love of hardcore, deep friendships and a heart for ministry. Comprised of members of many respected local Mineapolis punk, emo and hardcore bands including Mainstay, The RedLined Diary, .theburningseason., Tripl3 Thr3at, and Risk The Gallows and dedicated musicians from all around the twin cities, these six men are more than just a band, they are a unified brotherhood with the one goal of spreading hope and light in a dark world. After finally solidifying their lineup, A Blessed Tragedy is poised to make their mark on the local music scene in Minnesota with their blend of raw energy and emotion and a jaw dropping live show.

Having already shared the stage with bands After The Burial, Andrea Doria, Charis, Children Of Zion, CityInBloom, Energy Park Drive, For All Those Sleeping, Hands, Lower The Casket, Rawhyde, Refusal, The Revival Grenade, Venia, Write This Down, and many more, A Blessed Tragedy is quickly making a name for themselves in Minneapolis and beyond. With three songs recorded and more in the works and playing as many shows as possible, A Blessed Tragedy is bringing their passion and integrity to a stage near you. Some things are not supposed to mix. But when you experience A Blessed Tragedy, you will believe that anything is possible.



The McPherson Demo

May 01, 2008