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Abigail's Ghost


Genres: Progressive / Rock / Experimental

Location: New Orleans, LA

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4 tracks

Members: Joshua Theriot, Kenneth Wilson, John Patrick, Randy Paul, Brett Guillory

About abigailsghost

Abigail's Ghost is an art rock band comprised of four people committed to a well-tempered musical aesthetic deeply rooted in groove, polyrhythms, lush harmonies, haunting ambience, and thinking man's lyrics. More fundamental is their commitment to creating multi-format material, resulting in a convergence of musical thought that extends beyond hybrid genres but maintains a certain distance from concepts of the avante-garde.

| Joshua Theriot: Lead Vocals, Guitars
| Kenneth Wilson: Background Vocals, Bass
| Brett Guillory: Background Vocals, Keyboards
| John Patrick: Drums and percussion
| Randy Paul: Rhythm guitars


  • Walking_Woods said:
    Man, I love you guys. When I was trying to find you on here, the apostrophe was integral in getting you all to pop up-- just thought you'd like to know that people typing in "Abigails Ghost" aren't getting what they're looking for. I know I tried it a few times cuz I didn't think the apostrophe mattered. Trying to make sure you're getting the exposure you deserve! Keep up the good work, all. Feb 16

Seeping EP

Sep 13, 2006

Selling Insincerity

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Cerulean Blue EP

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