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Apple iPhone 4s Vs Samsung Galaxy S2: Compare Iphone 4S With Galaxy S2 Phone

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Iphone 4S and Samsung Galaxy S2 are there to let you have the fantastic one for the hands. There is nothing much better than holding these technological ones. Buy your own Apple or had opted for that Samsung, as both are the ultimate ones when we discuss looks, features and applications.

The iPhone 4S and Samsung I9100 Samsung galaxy s II exist to help you to enjoy probably the most interesting applications featuring. You can grab any of these two but know the differences prior to making any choice:

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The Apple handset will allow you to enjoy iOS 5 that is an advantageous one and can let all the users enjoy applications you had never imagined earlier. Samsung I9100 Samsung galaxy s II is further an incredible one that will let all of the users have Android operating system. This really is again an interesting and beneficial operating-system.

Size the Displays:

The Apple handset enables you to enjoy the lcd screen of 3.5 inches. This can be a huge one, letting all of the users have qualitative viewing. The touchscreen is great and can make everything open to you within seconds. Samsung Galaxy S2 includes some.3 inch display that's again an awesome one.

Battery Power of these two:

Li-Po 1432 mAh is there within the iPhone 4S, which is a good one and will allow you to all experience excellent time when using the device. Moreover, the Samsung device has brought for its users Li-Ion 1650 mAh that's again a suitable one and it is there to let all of the users have nonstop fun.

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Storage within the two gimmicks:

You will get Apple iPhone 4S using the facilities of the 16/32 and 64GB memory cards. With the support of these options, you can save according to your need now. You don't have to choose any other device, as Apple has everything for you personally. On the other hand, the Samsung gadget supports the card slot facility that you can stretch as much as the maximum limit of 32GB.

High-resolution Cameras:

Users may take the benefit of using an 8-MP camera both in the handsets. This really is of great quality and can let you all enjoy. Moreover, you will get a secondary camera too that is again important. The Apple handset provides a VGA secondary camera whereas you're going to get a 2-MP camera in the updated Samsung. Thus, choose the one which is best based on you.

Posted May 31, 2012 at 1:30pm