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  • Daphne_Hearts said:
    Abandon is SO awesome!! They came to Madisonville several weeks ago, and ever since then I can\'t get surrender out of my head!! They also signed my purse, they were so nice!! Nov 10
  • itts xx juliee said:
    You guys were amazing this week. Come to Chicago! Jun 30
  • annieluvstoycars said:
    hey boys whats up? ugh miss you kids ...ugh i wanna hug next time . :) dave hows the nose? hahaha it was great . Mar 13
  • annieluvstoycars said:
    AGHH! I SEEN U FRIDAY ....sry bt ur nose dave lol . umm cant wait to see you guys perform again Mar 05
  • aggiemaroon35 said:
    Hey ya\'ll were awesome at Padre .. hmmm i cant wait till i go to ya\'ll next concert!! God Bless !!! Jun 26
  • Mourgan said:
    you guys are great...yepp great... May 09
  • puresalvation said:
    You guys should come over to El Paso!!! God Bless Feb 20
  • auggiesurfer said:
    fancy comin to st augustine fl? Jan 20
  • stephjean said:
    Add Comment here...hey guys just wanted to say Hi! Love the new stuff...Hopefully i\'ll get to see you guys saturday :) ! Dec 07