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Aaron Gibson

Loose Ends, a solo bass album. Out Now!


Genres: Alternative / Folk Rock / Funk

Location: Kernville, OR

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4 tracks

Members: Aaron Gibson

If you are a Dad, a Daughter, or a Human, this will certainly tug at your heart strings. An impressive bass rendition of I will take you home by Aaron Gibson and starring his lovely little girl. In memory of Brent.
-the grateful dead

I do not remember when we first discovered the music of Aaron Gibson, but ever since that day he has been one of my favorite bassists.
-No Treble Magazine

Loose Ends - its folk rock sounds, lyrics, the atmospheres - I was immediately made to feel defenseless, and I use the term defenseless, in its truest meaning, because while listening to the voice of Aaron (so perfect for his music), those melodies of bass guitar, naked, yet complex in their simplicity, have won every defense and slipped inside, in that place where each of us conceals and protects their emotions.
-Katia Ann Calabro (Italian Media Blogger)



  • NExZ said:
    You guys should post the lyrics. And what a shame, I lost \'set sail\' and \'our saviors eyes\' and we can\'t download them now. Why?... Sep 24
  • ファン語 said:
    What in the world why Estacada library i live like 2 min from there Aug 28
  • Joexcore said:
    why are u coming to estacada? Aug 27
  • said:
    Hey Guys, Like what your putting down. Keep it up-really dig \"set sail\'. Hope you get where your going! Bonehead Sally Apr 01
  • cutemonkey91 said:
    When are you guys comming to Mass? Mar 31
  • Madison Rueda said:
  • scotts2damax said:
    the not-emopoprock band eh? good for you. Mar 27
  • Lana_G said:
    im soo loving demon donkey!!!! Mar 18
  • HannaPlume said:
    hm normally i don\'t listen to any music mixed with hip hop elements but....=) Mar 04
  • NExZ said:
    Wow!! I love them... Mar 02
  • whitesqwal85 said:
    Hurry with your cd comming out... Im sick of listening to you guys on purevolume, i want your cd Feb 15
  • BROOKEbars said:
    you guys are really good! Feb 10
  • PinkPezRocks said:
    Hey Ripe! My name is Ashlie and at my school me and a teacher of mine and a few friends have started a club. It\'s called the ABC Club. It stands for Anti Bully Club. What we plan to do is go around to different middle schools and teach kinds about bullying and how to stop it. Well, we are having a hard time finding money for our club so we could buy t-shirts and what not. I understand that you are busy and stuff, but I was wondering since you are in Oregon a lot(I bet lol) maybe you would be willing to preform at my school to help us raise money. Now, of course we are going to be chargin admition so some odd percent of our profits would be going to you. If you think that you might have time for this or if you are interested in our little gig, please let me know. Thanks so much, Ashlie (16,Tigard) Feb 08
  • greenphaze said:
    yuo guys suk so bad Feb 07
  • letmeholdyourfeet said:
    Yeah! Represent! Jah Rules On High... Feb 07

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