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Genres: Alternative / Rock / Pop Punk

Location: Murrieta, CA

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4 tracks

Members: Blain, Kile, Tyler, and Lindsey and sometimes Jed

A Days Forever is no longer playing together.

Lindsey is currently playing drums with Hello Drama. Check them out at myspace.com/hellodramaticmusic

Band Bio: A Days Forever has been playing music together since about 2002. Although our band's line up has changed many times since then, our goal has remained the same, and that's to have fun and play great music. A Days Forever's sound may not be revolutionary but we'd like to think that our songs are easy to listen to and enjoyable. In Nov 2005 we recorded our first demo which to this day is still generating interest in our band and making new fans. Even though our progress has been slower than usual we are currently working on new music and desperately want to get back in the studio to record. While we are so proud to have heard our demo played on the radio and to have performed with bands such as "The Higher" and "Meg and Dia", we are even more proud and thankful to be able to play with, and for our friends. Many thanks to all who have supported us over the years.

A Days Forever disbanded in December 2008


  • Kile said:
    The memories..wish we still could play. Jan 01
  • hattie said:
    you guys are cute :] and i like your sound. Dec 11
  • Punk/Hardcorps/loner said:
    It's really cool that we have such a great band here in the valley! I live in Greer ranch yall, so hopefully I can sponsor a gig sometime?!!! Sep 05
  • Chunk said:
    I like your music! However watch how you play it, because you don't want to end up like Gin Blossoms, all the songs sounding the same. The way I felt with your music was I was listening to the same song with slightly different music. Change it up a bit :) Aug 22
  • DELETED said:
    pretty mazing :) Apr 09
  • squish_me said:
    hey you guys know run silhoette? Jan 10
  • Rock n' Flower~Child said:
    U guys are AWESOME! Seriously, when i first started playin one of your songs, i was plezantly surprized form what i heard. Your sound is def unique. Hey um i was wonderin...im here in Lancaster CALI and well it be SHWEET if u guys could play at my Grad party. L8RS Peace, u guys ROCK!! Jan 03
  • lauralovesyou! said:
    you guys are good.im loving the lyrics. Dec 24

Demo 2005

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Cavite, Philippines


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Murrieta, CA


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Nick Berg

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