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Stringer Tanks Launch, Zyzz Shorts Launch, Undefined Apparel Store Launch

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Stringer Tanks Launch, Zyzz Shorts Launch, Undefined Apparel Store Launch
Hi guys! Thank you for showing interest - we've received NUMEROUS inquiries about our requirement for fitness models/sponsored athletes, the availability of our stringer tanks, as well as the launch date for our 2eros-style beach shorts. Undefined Apparel

We're currently expecting a launch on November 30, 2014. We've got our suppliers working on sending us types of the Victus Stringer/Singlet and also the Verdant Shorts (we'll definitely post some pics if this gets here, we have a photographer on standby). Once the samples are available in and have cleared our quality control guidelines, we'll go on and convey a bulk order with all the supplier to ensure that we could get some gear for you guys. We predict this entire process to take no more than a month . 5. IF YOU GUYS WANT US To spread out UP PREORDERS, Inform us. You should be conscious of the tools will not be available until mid-December.

Just about everyone has in our original artwork being completed for further upcoming projects too, and can continue to keep you all updated with prototype and sample pictures. We have been also slating the launch in our ladies' line for January of 2014. All the designs and cuts of cloth will be completely exclusive; you ladies won't see anything such as this elsewhere available on the market. Keep tuned in to your instagram @undefinedapparel.us, follow us on twitter at @undefapparel, and check us out on Facebook at http://facebook.com/undefinedapparel for quick updates and progress reports (AND Online coupons!). Hopefully everything goes smoothly, and we can get all this fantastic gym apparel to you guys in a timely manner - I understand you're itching for this! Gym Singlet

Regarding the athlete search; funds our male athletes cared for. Female applicants should e-mail us any qualifications (competition background, modeling portfolio, etc).


Posted Nov 01, 2014 at 8:04pm