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Yacht Club Records


Genres: Electronic / Alternative

Location: Finland

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4 tracks

Members: The artists who appear on the releases and You, the dear listeners and supporters. Thank You!

Urban and pastoral, modern and ancient seascapes of modern electronica.

All of the YCBR releases are provided as free downloads.

YCBR has released two compilations, which present seaworthy electronic music of different genres from Finnish, Norwegian, Swiss and British artists.

The cover art for the releases is available on the Yacht Club homepage. Redeem the treasures! Releases are available on CD and as FLACs too besides as the highest quality Mp3s. The complete treasure map can be found on the Haven of Yacht Club Records

May the winds be fair with you.

The Crew



Vol. 2: Pallomeri

Feb 10, 2007

Vol. 1: Alkumeri

Nov 03, 2003