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Genres: Rock / Metal

Location: Blacklick, OH

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4 tracks

XFactor1 was formed in the latter part of 2005 with the intent of bringing decadence, intensity and the true meaning of music back to a rock and metal scene that was sounding pretty tame and had lost its connection with the people that matter the most, the fans.

Coming together during one of the brutal winters of the Midwest in Columbus Ohio, XFactor1 carved out an immediate niche in the tri-state area with a grass roots movement of promotion that lead to the forming of street teams and supporters that became known as XNation. Thousands of men and women from the regional area of the nations corn belt who knew something sincere and real when they witnessed the intense live shows that XF1 is known for.

It was time for a studio CD. In 2006 XF1 entered the studio with one of Ohio's best, Joey Viers. Joey had produced and engineered just about every good rock and metal band from the area and XF1 vocalist QBall and bassist Willie Jive had worked with him in their previous band effort, SupaFreak. A 5 song demo EP entitled "Something Inside" was pounded out in no time flat with minimum production and a no holds barred intensity that won over even more fans.

Armed with a quality recording, a work ethic and desire to be seen and heard that was second to none, XF1 moved over 1,500 copies of their new EP in just a few short months and got the attention of promoters and larger clubs. Thanks to their partnership with their favorite sponsor Jagermeister, it wasn't long before XF1 was playing with such national heavy weights as Stone Sour, Mushroomhead & more in front of larger and larger crowds. XNation was growing. The madness was intensifying.

In 2007 XFactor1 set out to do what few unsigned bands do without a financial benefactor, record a studio CD that would include a live DVD as part of a 2 disc combo called "Live Another Day". For months QBall carried around a hand held mini DV camera capturing the essence of life on the road, short, off the wall band skits and interviews with other bands, promoters, and club owners. The DVD interjected the material between songs of a recorded live performance at the world famous AlRosa Villa. Several thousand copies were sold in a small amount of time all over the Midwest and quickly became a collectors item. But the best was yet to come.

XFactor1 yielded some offers from smaller record labels and national distributors but knew from being vets on the scene that they could do what was being offered to them on their own and still maintain the power to do things their own way. Their thought was, "why be signed and not be able to even buy a pack of cigarettes"? They had witnessed first hand the over zealousness of other bands and were determined not to follow the same path. So in the spring of 2008 XF1 hit the studio on their own dime with engineer Joey V and recorded their best effort to date, "American Dream". Twelve songs (8 studio - 4 live tracks) that expressed the frustration and desperation of the "blue collar every day man" like no CD from the Ohio area had before. Love, hate, anger, and more had their place as a representative on "American Dream" and people responded, in a big way. Over 25,000 copies were sold in just over 1 year. The XNation street team and the members of XF1 "took it to the streets" with what they called "hand to hand combat" and followed large rock and metal tours all over the U.S. meeting people in parking lots, gas stations and small town diners to get the message to the masses, that the X was coming. A national tour with Mushroomhead and The Autumn Offering followed soon afterward furthering XF1's status as a band on the move.

Then came a new year. XF1 continues to tour in 2010 while playing songs from their new release ~ HOPE FOR TOMORROW ~. "Live The Dream" is a motto that the members of XFactor1 live by. More than words, it's a way of life. Welcome to our insanity…..we are coming.

The X Chronicles :
2006 - Something Inside EP
2006 - Feature band on World Gone Mad - Eastern US compilation cd
2007 - Live Another Day CD/DVD
2007 - Soundtrack to Motion Picture Code:Black
2008 - American Dream LP
2008 - Nationwide tour with Mushroomhead & The Autumn Offering
2008 - Rock Scarz Magazine nationwide compilation cd
2009 - Metal Edge Mags nationwide compilation cd and final issue.
2009 - ONLY unsigned band on Rock On The Range
2010 - Hope For Tomorrow CD
wE aRE cOmiNG.......




Hope For Tomorrow

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