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WordPress SEO Plugins - Mistakes In order to avoid

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Wordpress SEO plugin

WordPress SEO Plugins can easily improve the SEO of your WordPress site and there are many to choose from. However there are a few mistakes that you need to avoid.

Believing that WordPress SEO Plugins will solve your entire SEO Problems

If you are not getting the results you had been hoping for you might think that installing a few WordPress SEO Plugins will solve the issue. Depending on how good (or else) your on page SEO is, this may help but it won't solve any underlying problems.

In the event the keywords you are targeting are too competitive nothing will be able to help. The best solution is to undertake more keyword research and find some which can be less competitive. Wordpress SEO plugin

It might also be that you simply do not have enough backlinks. You should use a tool like Traffic Travis to view the competition for your keywords. If you're matching your competitors for backlinks, look at your external links to actually have not linked to a dubious site. If not, then WordPress SEO Plugins should be able to help improve your on page SEO which will leverage the effect of the backlinks.

Not Understanding WordPress SEO Plugins

Whilst it is acceptable to install a general Plugin like "All In One SEO Pack" and leave the default settings it'll still be beneficial to determine what it does so that the settings could be adjusted as necessary.

With other WordPress SEO Plugins that things automatically you should understand what they do otherwise the results can be unexpected and might clash with items you have done manually.

Installing a lot of WordPress SEO Plugins

There are many WordPress SEO Plugins that similar things and therefore should not be installed together. If the does happen the final results will be unpredictable. When installing a fresh plugin you should be certain you know what it does and what the benefit will be which does not duplicate part of the functionality of an existing plugin.

Centering on the detail and missing well-known

It is easy to install Plugins that every make your site more search engine friendly and lose focus on that having properly optimized content articles are far more important.

You'll want unique content built around a keyword in order that the search engines understand that it is highly relevant to that keyword. One of the options to help with this can be SEOPressor.


Posted Nov 19, 2014 at 6:58am